Green Valley Ranch | Dublin, Texas


 Registered Texas Longhorn Breeders

GVR Longhorns LLC. Texas Longhorns at Green Valley Ranch | Dublin, Texas

Former Herd Sires

SP Proud Sterling -DOB 12/25/2001

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Habenero's Max -DOB 1/21/2009

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Herd Sire - M Arrow High Caliber



Born 10/12/15

Sired by Top Caliber 

Top Caliber Facebook page

horn measurement


12/28/17 - 63”

8/19/18 - 68”


Caleb, as he is affectionately called, is the sweetest bull we have ever had. He has the most gentle disposition and loves our company. He never misses a head scratch and eats from our hands. We love everything about our Texas longhorn bull.


Caleb joined our Registered Texas Longhorns herd in October 2017. He is producing strong healthy offspring with his impressive genetics. We are excited to watch his progeny develop.


Moonshine 2007

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Moonshine 2017

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a gentle giant

texas longhorn steer,longhorn cattle, texas, ranch, farm, agriculture, tax exemtion,

Moonshine - our sweet boy

our gentle giant.

Moonshine has grown up at Green Valley Ranch and we all love him