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GVR Longhorns LLC. Texas Longhorns at Green Valley Ranch | Dublin, Texas

why longhorns?



  • historic breed
  • classically Texan 
  • strikingly unique


Registered Texas Longhorn cattle,longhorn cow, ranching, texas, agriculture

  • typically live longer than other breeds
  • 'Calamity Louise' - 19 years
  • generally need less supplemental feed

calving ease & high fertility


  • rarely require calving assistance
  • high producers & excellent mothers
  • fiercely protective against predators

disease resistant

Registered Texas Longhorn steer, longhorn catlle, texas, ranching, agricatulture

  • higher disease tolerance 
  • minimal health issues
  • lower vet fees with the right care


Registered Texas Longhorns ,longhorn cow, texas, ranch, agriclture, farming

  • longhorns brows and graze throughout the Ranch
  • These cattle can thrive in poor pastures & extreme climates


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'if its not a longhorn, its just a cow!'

We love our longhorns. They are clever, curious and calm. Join us in the joy.

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