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Texas Longhorn HEIFER for sale


Longhorn heifer for sale | available immediatly


DOB -6/15/2018

High Caliber x Mariposa

Isn't she beautiful!!!. She has such a classic look about her. From her horn shape to her body size she is very well put together. She has all you would desire in your herd. She has strong legs, the straightest back and solid structure. She also likes to have her head scratched. she is ready to be bred. Although not official, we call her Hathor. She looks very regal, like an Egyptian princess.  Solid in build and mild tempered.  She will make an all round ,beautiful addition to a herd. One of my favorites. We will be hard pressed to let her her go.


Dam = Mariposa

We love Mariposa and are happy to say that she has joined another herd. All the same, you are still able to see a picture of her on our SOLD page

Texas Longhorn HEIFER for sale

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Longhorn heifer for sale | available immediatly


DOB 6/26/2018

High Caliber x Princess Lea

Princess Lea's progeny look good in any pasture. Her heifer has her classic look and build and is bred for her classic all round Texas longhorn look.. Dam is big bodied and this heifer is too. This heifer's dam is a great producer who has provided many heifers for us who in turn have carried forward their mother's traits. We have maintained one of Princess Lea's heifers in our herd.  See our cow page (Blizzard) Both mom and daughter continue to be consistent in producing great quality offspring. This heifer appears no different to her siblings that have preceded her. If you are looking for a pretty productive and solid cow, you need look no further. She is ready to join your herd and is looking for a bull with which to breed.


Dam = Princess Lea

For more info on Princess Lea  go to the Longhorn Cow page

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 DISCLOSURE - Longhorns are a great addition to our Ranch. Although we love them, we respect them and do not underestimate their strength. Many longhorns have been halter trained but ours are not. We use common sense in handling them and urge you to do the same. 

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