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Texas longhorn heifers for sale in Dublin | Texas

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Perhaps the most difficult for us to sell, our Texas longhorn heifers. We are so happy with their development and would love the opportunity to watch each one mature even further. We only keep one bull and prefer not to line breed. As a result, we are offering some of the best progeny we have bred to date. This offer includes an opportunity for you to own some of the finest genetics in the Texas longhorn industry today. For more on these genetics here is an article we posted a while back with informative details on RJF Texas Rebel. READ HERE

Many of our heifers have been halter trained at their new homes, some have been added to established herds and others have been purchased in groups as starter herds. Whatever your circumstances, we encourage you to schedule a visit to meet us and our longhorn herd with a view of owning your own.


In addition,  we have registered all our longhorns with the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America – TLBAA.


Longhorn heifers for sale

Primrose - Texas Longhorn heifer for sale

GVR Primrose

Anastasia - Texas Longhorn heifer for sale

GVR Anastasia

Summer Star - Texas Longhorn heifer for sale

GVR Summer Star

Lady Gaga - Texas Longhorn heifer for sale

GVR Lady Gaga

Pepperdew - Texas Longhorn heifer for sale

GVR Pepperdew

Pixiedust - Texas Longhorn heifer for sale

GVR Pixiedust

Glitz & Glamor - Texas Longhorn heifer for sale

GVR Glitz & Glamor

Little Spirit - Texas Longhorn heifer for sale

RJF Little Spirit

Bobbysocks - Texas Longhorn heifer for sale

GVR Bobbysocks

    • DOB 7/27/22
    • RJF Texas Rebel x GVR Nirvana’s Jewel
    • Photo taken 07/31/23
    • Bobbysocks is a uniquely colorful heifer calf. Her colors seem to get more pronounced with each day.  You will struggle to find a heifer more colorful .
Swallow Feather - Texas Longhorn heifer for sale

GVR Swallow Feather - SOLD 2023

  • GVR Swallow Feather
  • DOB 05/19/2022
  • RJF Texas Rebel x Swallowtail
  • Photo taken April 24, 2023
  • Feathers is our friendliest calf of the season. She is the first to come up to us . All her siblings have remained calm and favorites of the herds they are in.  If you are looking for a longhorn to fuss on, don’t miss out on this opportunity.
Rebel's Princess - Texas Longhorn heifer for sale

GVR Rebel's Princess - SOLD 2023

  • GVR Rebel’s Princess
  • DOB 06/02/2022
  • RJF Texas Rebel x Princess Lea 617
  • Photo taken May, 17, 2023
  • Princess has the prettiest tricolor patches. She is also one of our biggest calves this season. Just look how chunky she is!
  • Her Dam Princess Lea has birthed mainly heifers who carry through her maternal traits. Princess Lea is a sturdy, straight backed solid built cow with an exceptional udder and her progeny are the same. Her horn formation is a classic Texas twist and her coloring makes her stand out as a perfect example of a classic Texas Longhorn cow
Texas Belle - Texas Longhorn heifer for sale

GVR Texas Belle - SOLD 2023

  • GVR Texas Belle
  • DOB 05/28/22
  • RJF Texas Rebel x GVR Red Pepper
  • Photo taken 05/04/2023
  • Texas Belle is a first calf for her dam. She is a well rounded calf with great color.
  • Great configeration
  • Trace her “horn” genetics
  • all round winning combination
Double Cinco - Texas Longhorn heifer for sale

D-H Double Cinco - SOLD 2023

  • Photo taken Sept. 6,2022
  • DOB 09/18/2020
  • D-H Cinco De Mayo x D-H Maybelline
  • Exposed to RJF Texas Rebel

We call her ‘Kitty’. Photos of her do not do her justice. She has one of the prettiest coats we have ever seen in a Texas longhorn heifer. She is full bodied sturdy heifer. She loves cubes and enjoys being hand fed.


Cactus blossom - Texas Longhorn heifer for sale

GVR Cactus blossom - SOLD

  • Photo taken July 7, 2022
  • DOB 04/27/2020
  • M Arrow High Caliber x Jasmine Blossom
  • Exposed to RJF Texas Rebel



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This page is updated regularly. However, we do not post everybody that is available. For pricing and foundation packages on a longhorn heifer or any other Texas Longhorn Cattle for sale on our website, please call or email us. We are close to Stephenville, and south of Fort Worth and Dallas

DISCLAIMER – Longhorns are a great addition to our Ranch. Although we love them, we respect them and do not underestimate their strength. Many longhorns have been halter trained but ours are not. We use common sense in handling them and urge you to do the same.

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