Texas longhorn cattle for sale in Texas

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Texas Longhorn Cattle for sale in Texas | finest genetics | fairly priced

Texas longhorn cows for sale

Sweetpepper EOT longhorn cattle for sale

Sweetpepper EOT

  • TS Red River Tuff x TS Sweet Brindle Pepper
  • DOB 04/25/2017

We acquired Sweetpepper in June of 2018 at the End of Trail Ranch Total Dispersal Sale as a young heifer for $4500. Since then, she has had two heifer calves and two bull calves. Last year, with her 4th calf, she appeared to have sustained an injury to her udder. One of her teats blocked but resolved itself after we milked her.  We have not rebred her.

Because we are not sure if her injure is permanent or temporary we have decided to sell her at a significantly reduced price.

GVR Nirvana's Jewel Longhorn for sale

GVR Nirvana's Jewel - SOLD

GVR Nirvana’s Jewel

  • M Arrow High Caliber x Carley’s Nirvana
  • DOB 04/12/2019




Texas longhorn cattle for sale in Texas

For a real chance to include the most favorable genetics in the Texas longhorn cattle industry without breaking the bank
Texas longhorn cows for sale near Stephenville, Dallas/Fort Worth.

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