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Texas Longhorn Cattle Benefits: 19 Attributes

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Texas Longhorn Cattle Benefits: 19 Attributes

Texas Longhorn Cattle Benefits, their strengths, and their unique characteristics are listed on many sites, and understandably so!

There are loads of advantages, strengths, and positive attributes for ranchers when raising Texas Longhorns.  We’ve written about Texas Longhorn Cattle Benefits in many articles.

Not all the strengths of the Texas longhorn breed benefit us at GVR Longhorns. Some are more useful to us than others and some have no impact on our breeding program. That is why we have added how each attribute has influenced our survival in the Texas Longhorn Cattle industry for two decades and counting.

texas longhorn cattle benefits

In this article you will find:

  1. Texas Longhorn Cattle Benefits, as listed by the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America -TLBAA (with the permission of the TLBAA)
  2. The PRO’s and CON’s of these benefits – our candid and personal experience at GVR Longhorns
  3. Additional Texas Longhorn Cattle Benefits for cattle ranchers in Texas
  4. The green text denotes how each attribute applies to our Texas Longhorn Cattle breeding program at GVR Longhorns.


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Texas Longhorn Cattle Benefits: 19 Attributes

(the first 17 attributes as listed and defined by TLBAA)

1.  Texas Longhorn attribute: COMMERCIAL BULLS

“Texas Longhorn bulls are the bull of choice for first-calf heifers. The commercial cattleman knows that the lower birth weight of the calves puts less stress on the mother. It also gives him a live calf to sell at market the first time out.”

We stand by this unique characteristic 100%, even though we don’t raise Texas Longhorns for commercial use and do not crossbreed. However, at GVR Longhorns,  hundreds of Texas Longhorn calves have been born over the years. In all that time, one heifer required intervention from our vet and survived the intervention. We have never had to assist any other Longhorn cow in giving birth.

This is a notable statistic for any livestock operation! It’s a great advantage for ranchers who do not live on their acreage and for ranchers who may not have a ton of cattle management experience. 

2.  Texas Longhorn attribute: COMMERCIAL FEMALES

“Many cattlemen utilize the inherited genetics of the Texas Longhorn female with their breed of bull to produce vigorous calves.”
At GVR Longhorns we do not crossbreed our cattle. One of the most remarkable features of Texas Longhorn cows is their ability to calve easily. We can’t wait to discuss these benefits and refer you to the heading below,  “calving ease.


“The Texas Longhorn’s hybrid vigor is a heritable quality that enhances your present breed and gives you a new genetic pool. The Texas Longhorn’s reproductive efficiency is due in part to the females’ large pelvic openings and low birth weights which culminate to produce live calves.”
Texas Longhorn cows exist to have baby calves every year, literally. At GVR Longhorns we benefit from the reproductive efficiency of our purebred Texas Longhorns. Texas Longhorn cows are productive. They recover quickly after giving birth and therefore breed again efficiently. The genetic pool for purebred Texas Longhorn Cattle is, however, relatively small. 

texas longhorn cattle benefits


“The seed stock producer furnishes the start-up stock for many new breeders. He also provides other seed stock producers with a new genetic pool.”

Many breeders use AI ( Artificial Insemination). It can be costly, requiring planning and scheduling ahead of time. We like to keep things simple and do not consider AI often. We usually have one bull on our property at a time. At this time, we do not AI.


Texas longhorn bull
RJF Texas Rebel is our young herd sire. We are very proud of his body structure and conformation. For more on RJF Texas Rebel, read here.


“There is a ready market for Texas Longhorns for both roping and cutting stock. The cattle are quick, agile, and live long, active lives. Texas Longhorns breed well into their teens, making them a lucrative investment.”

Location, location, location! Right? Even with the Texas Longhorn Cattle Breed, this resonates as truth.  To explain, GVRlonghorns is located in Erath County and 13 miles away from Stephenville in the same county.  Stephenville, TX is the Cowboy Capital of the world because of the town’s affiliation with the Cowboy Capital Pro Rodeo Association.  The Association has its headquarters in Stephenville and the Cowboy Capital of the World PRCA Rodeo is held in the new THE PRIEFERT FAIRGROUNDS ARENA in Stephenville. A rodeo lifestyle is ingrained in the city’s culture. In the days before launching our marketing initiative, our longhorn calves were readily sold at the Livestock Salebarn.

texas longhorn cattle benefits


“No two Texas Longhorns are alike. They all differ in color pattern, size, horn length, and personality.”

Each characteristic is a UNIQUE attribute and warrants an explanation of its own.

  • Color as a Texas Longhorn Cattle attribute

Color does accentuate Texas Longhorns and sets them apart from most other cattle breeds. Within the Longhorn breed, colors and patterns vary, making it easy to tell Longhorns apart. There are, in fact,  over 25,000 different genetic combinations for color in Texas longhorn cattle. So much so, J. Frank Dobie wrote in his book, ‘The Longhorns’  that “the colors were more varied than those of the rainbow,” 

This unique characteristic is a major benefit to us. We love to track our Longhorns and their progeny over time. Telling them apart from each other is easy.  As a result, we know each of our Longhorns individually.

For more on the basics of color in Texas Longhorn Cattle, ” An Easy Guide to Coloration of Texas Longhorn Cattle”

  • Horn length and shape as a Texas Longhorn Cattle Attribute

Everyone must agree that horns are the most distinctive attribute of the Texas Longhorn Cattle breed. Both Longhorn Cows and Longhorn Bulls have horns.  However, did you know that, unlike Bison, Antelope, and Carbou,  examples of whose horns have stayed the same shape over centuries, Texas Longhorns’ horns have changed dramatically in recent years? Interestingly, with more and more ‘genetic engineering’, Texas Longhorn horns are slowly becoming less varied than they used to be. Longhorn horns are not only way longer than they have ever been, but real tight twists are harder to find. Nonetheless, the shape of horns still varies enabling ranchers to pick their preferences.

For additional information on Texas Longhorns Horns,

Texas Longhorn HORNS – evolution revolution

Texas Longhorn Cattle Horns: A Simple Tip to Avoid a Common Mistake

texas longhorn cattle benefits

  • Personality

As much as Texas Longhorns look different from each other, they act differently too. Within a herd, they have strict social protocols. Just like humans, Texas Longhorns have likes and dislikes. Generally, our Texas Longhorn herd loves social interaction with humans. They seek us out when we are in their pasture, they wait for us when they know we are near and they put on a show for our visitors.  On an individual level, their personalities vary distinctly. Each longhorn has specific likes and dislikes. It makes it easier for us to work with them when we know their quirks and weaknesses. It also makes it easy for us to love them like we love our pets.

We can tell each of our longhorns apart because of how they look and behave.

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“A natural immunity developed over the centuries means fewer veterinarian bills and less maintenance for today’s cowman.”

Our Texas Longhorn Cattle do get sick but very infrequently. As a result, we don’t get to see our veterinary doctors too often. We follow a health management protocol that we developed with the guidance of our veterinary doctor, and we suggest you do the same. We also keep an eye on carrying capacities, and stocking rates throughout the year. Texas Longhorn Cattle can generally thrive once the basics are in place and maintained.

16 Tips for Texas Longhorn Cattle Ranchers in Texas – a lengthy read but worth it in the long run, especially if you are interested in avoiding costly mistakes

We have tweaked our practices over the years. Through trial and error, we realized that many Bovine veterinary practices today are based on research conducted in feedlots, beef production facilities, and diaries. In retrospect, our Texas Longhorns are free-range and have an overabundance of space. 4 generations and counting, have lived and thrived on our property. Our Longhorn herd is also isolated from exposure to other cattle. With that in mind, we follow a minimalist approach to supplements and medication.

Despite this, our customers and Cowmonity know that calves must be vaccinated, and parasites must be controlled.

Information about the Texas Longhorn breed in terms of why they have developed a natural immunity to disease, is outlined in this article, Immune to Disease, which played a role in depleting a breed.

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“The breed thrives in climates ranging from hot, damp coastal regions to harsh northern winters.”
Texans are the first to describe Texas weather as bipolar. We can experience extreme changes at any given time. A good example of our Longhorn herd’s endurance during an extreme weather event is documented in our account of the ‘Polar Vortex’ of 2021. How our Longhorns weathered the Texas Polar Vortex
Our Longhorns did better than expected considering the adjustments we set in motion to ensure their safety.  For those tips and others, follow these links,
Adaptability as an attribute, was and remains a major factor for us at GVR Longhorns. In the early years, we did not live on our ranch. Even though we had eyes on our herd, thanks to our neighbors, our Longhorns had to look after themselves for the most part.  We did not even live in Texas for many of those years, yet our herd thrived with little intervention.


“The Texas Longhorn is the living symbol of the Old West. Wherever the Western influence is desired—front pasture, cattle drives, or tourist attraction—you’ll find a demand for this magnificent breed.”

‘Tradition’ and ‘Nostalgia’ linked with the Lone Star State are implied in the name, TEXAS Longhorns. Historically, Texas Longhorn Cattle played a role paramount to the success of Texas as a state, and their iconic presence in our State is acknowledged in their status as the Texas State Animal

The history of Texas longhorn cattle in Texas is important and fascinating and a top reason why we and so many ranchers in Texas raise Texas Longhorn Cattle.  

Why Texas Longhorns? Discover the top 2 reasons why savvy buyers choose them in Texas

17 Fun Facts: The Texas Longhorn Cattle breed and its History

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Texas Longhorn Cattle Sighted at an Historical Site


Texas longhorn cattle benefits

10.  PURE PLEASURE – not to be underestimated!!

“Intelligent and easy to work with, the Texas Longhorn is easily trained to exhibit in the show ring, lead or drive in parades, pull wagons, and yes,  even to ride.”

We thought only our Longhorns were overly smart, lol. Nonetheless,  we are happy to concede this generic characteristic as an attribute of the Texas Longhorn breed.

Many of our Texas Longhorn cattle know their names and respond individually to being called. They are easy to work, even with their horns, and our days are filled with joy.  After all, would we invest so much time and effort if our Texas Longhorn herd did not invoke so much pleasure? 

We have realized that understanding and thinking like a Longhorn goes a long way in getting him/her to cooperate. To keep your experience danger-free and as joyful as ours is, here are some tips,

Safety First: 7 Key Tips to Safeguard Yourself around Texas Longhorn Cattle

Has Your Texas Longhorn Cattle Herd HEARD you?

From a Cow’s Eye View: 6 Things to LOOK Out for

texas longhorn cattle benefits



“The breed naturally produces leaner cuts of meat that can lower cholesterol. Today’s health-conscious consumer demands leaner beef, which gives Texas Longhorn beef a niche advantage in the meat market. Lean and healthy! A study by Texas A&M shows Longhorn beef is low in cholesterol, high in protein, and less fat than chicken. The demand for locally & humanely raised healthy beef continues to grow.”

Beef is often on the menu in our house. We enjoy eating it.  Regardless, we don’t eat our longhorns.  Our reasoning may not be economically sound. Judge us if you will! Our Texas Longhorns are like our pets. Besides, they all have names and personalities.  Beef breeds, like Angus, look uniformly similar and are hard to tell apart. It’s much harder to get attached to one black cow amongst a hundred that look alike. What do you think? 

We summarize our views in this article, Can You Eat the Texas Longhorn Cattle You Raise?

Incidentally, Texas Longhorns were trailed primarily for their hides and tallow in the 1800s. In the later years, as beef became popular, European breeds were either cross-bred with Texas Longhorns or were favored over pure Texas Longhorns. Understandably, the Texas Longhorn Cattle of yesteryear looked somewhat bony, (to say the least!)   In contrast, it’s not unusual, nowadays, to see Texas Longhorns with compositions that look beefy. In fact, many Texas Longhorn show judges appear to favor a beefy composition rather than the traditional body structures.

Looking to the future, will these transformations change the Texas Longhorn attribute of beef leanness? 

longhorn cow


“The Texas Longhorn is profitable long after it’s outlived its usefulness as a beef producer. The horns, skulls, and mounts are in high demand as elements in chic, southwestern décor for both homes and businesses.”
Three attributes in one! If ranching is your primary income then this Texas Longhorn attribute will most certainly be a benefit. For sentimental reasons, we like to keep the skulls and horns of our girls who have passed on. For that reason, we preserve them after they have passed. There is no doubt that we could probably profit from them but we choose not to. The same would be true of their hides 

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“They say “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” and with Longhorns there is a lot to behold! With striking coats in a wide variety of colors and patterns and a multitude of horn shapes and sizes, there is something to suit any taste.”
Yes, yes, and yes!! This is why it was easy for us to list 15 awesome reasons why Ranchers raise Texas Longhorn Cattle in Texas
texas longhorn heifer


“You better like your Longhorns, because they are going to be around for a while. It is not unusual for a longhorn to produce calves into their 20s. This attribute is a huge bonus in production or as pasture art.”
We miss our old girls, our Texas Longhorn cows that survived into their 20’s. They were around for so long and like pets, they were part of our family.
That is the downside of this positive Texas Longhorn Attribute.
longhorn cow and calf

15.  CALVING EASE – one of the most well-known of Texas Longhorn Cattle Benefits

“Smaller calves and larger pelvic openings mean less calving problems. Longhorn cattle typically give birth without assistance or hardship. This makes birthing a worry-free affair.”
Calving Ease is one of those benefits of Texas Longhorn Cattle that we most appreciate. The Texas Longhorn cow’s strong maternal instinct goes hand in hand with her capability to produce a healthy calf annually. We admire her productivity and she gives us peace of mind in return.
There are several reasons why calving ease is important to ranchers as highlighted in our article,   The Secret behind the Popularity of Texas Longhorns 
Our Texas Longhorn cows’ reproductive health is paramount. With her health considered and for our own peace of mind, we follow two standards.
  • Our heifers are bred for the first time after they reach 24 months
  • Calves are weaned at 6 -7.5 months


texas longhorn calf for sale


“We’ve all seen the typical picture of Longhorn cattle out on a desolate range, they are one of the few breeds that can thrive in a variety of harsh conditions and climates.”

Texas Longhorn Cattle are NOT picky eaters.

A longhorn will forage on vegetation that other bovine breeds will not eat. Texas Longhorn Cattle graze grass and browse leaves simultaneously. In the right conditions, a longhorn requires less supplemental feeding and is therefore less expensive to maintain than many other bovine breeds. For more on feed and forage

texas longhorn cow


The Longhorn community is an amazing group of individuals. There are Longhorn breeders from coast to coast willing to share information and resources, lend a hand, and just be a friend.
We love our Cowmoonity!! Even though this is the last mentioned attribute according to the TLBAA, it has to be our most satisfying. Over the years, our GVRlonghorns Cowmoonity has grown beyond any expectations we may have had. A few of our fans don’t have acreage of their own, yet we all share a mutual love for Texas Longhorns. We have made the most worthwhile connections and many friends because of our common interests in this majestic Cattle Breed. We are so appreciative of the support of Y’all. 

TO CONCLUDE, we must add two additional Texas Longhorn Cattle Benefits

In April 2024 we wrote, Why Texas Longhorns: Discover the 2 top reasons savvy buyers choose them.

These two top reasons are attributes in themselves, especially for cattle ranchers in Texas. Consequently, we feel that these attributes cannot go unmentioned.

texas longhorn cow

Why our customers choose Texas Longhorns in Texas

18.  TEXAS

TEXAS is key in Name and  State.

After all, Texas Longhorn Cattle are synonymous with TEXAS. The state animal of Texas is, you guessed it, the Texas Longhorn. That’s no wonder, as the Texas longhorn breed played an important role in the history of Texas. Our customers acknowledge and appreciate their iconic significance to the Lonestar State of Texas. What better way to pay homage to the majestic Texas Longhorn than to invest in registered Longhorns from yesteryear to admire and enjoy for years?

19.  AG EXEMPTION – as THE foremost Texas Longhorn Cattle benefit

In essence, the Texas Longhorn Cattle breed is one of the easiest types of livestock to raise and maintain over time.  In Texas, Texas Longhorns also qualify for Ag Exemption.  With the proper fencing, adequate forage and supplements, as well as, water, Texas Longhorns ensure significant savings in property taxes.

Add all the benefits of the Texas Longhorn Cattle breed and cattle ranchers in Texas experience savings in time, money, and ultimately, peace of mind.

longhorn cow

If you would like to become a member of our Cowmoonity, please consider subscribing to our blog at GVRlonghorns.com and/or visit our SALEBARN for a chance to own Texas longhorn cattle from our GVR longhorns herd.


Texas longhorn cattle sold at GVRlonghorns

All our Texas longhorn cattle sold are illegible for registration with TLBAA.

All our calves are quoted with prices that include vaccinations, deworming, registration with TLBAA, transfer of registration, and castration(where applicable)

As a side note, our calves are usually weaned around 6 months of age. They spend anywhere from a week to three weeks in our corral

Finally, please let us know how you feel about this post in the comments below or email us directly and if you enjoyed reading this article, please consider sharing it.

Thank you for spending time with us,


Disclaimer: All material noted above is based on our hands-on experience as ranchers, as well as our observations of our cattle over the years. We have done and continue to do extensive research to maintain our herd‘s optimum health. However, all opinions and statements made on our website are meant as guidelines only. In addition, we are not qualified statisticians/ veterinarians and urge you to consult a specialist with your concerns. We strive to publish accurate information however in the unlikely event that an error is detected, please let us know.
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