Texas longhorn cattle for sale in Texas




Why a Trip to Scotland Has a Place in our Longhorn Cattle Blog

Longhorn cows, Texas and and, and, and…Scotland? by CATHY VALLE Longhorn cattle in Texas – that’s what we blog about. So we totally get it! – when we add Scotland to…

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100 Years of Texas History with Texas Longhorn Cattle in Texas

Can you imagine Texas history without Texas longhorn cattle??? There is no doubt that Texas longhorn cattle have assumed a quintessential roll in Texas history and remain a privileged and…

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Texas Longhorn Cattle Sighted at an Historic Site

Well, I finally took my own advice!! (don’t miss our restaurant recommendation down below) I followed up on my own idea, lol. Remember this blog post? 19 Fun Ideas with…

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Immune to a Disease Which Played a Role in Depleting a Breed, HOW?

    You would think that immunity to disease is a good thing, right? And if you have read some of my previous blog posts you will know that Texas…

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17 Fun Facts: The Texas Longhorn Cattle Breed and Its history

Like all awesome stories, the history of the Texas Longhorn Cattle Breed has many twists and turns. A quick computer search will reveal tons of information. However, here are 17…

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