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A warning about Texas Longhorn Cattle

A warning about the disadvantage of owning Texas longhorn cattle on Valentine’s Day,or any other day of the year. Apparently, according to Plato, love is a serious mental disease. In…

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Texas State Symbols: Texas Longhorn Cattle and a Whole Lot More

Texas longhorn cattle are one of over 70 Texas State Symbols that have been formally designated by the Texas Legislature. For example: THE LONE STAR STATE is the official Texas state nickname….

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The Texas Blues – Beyond Bluebonnets

Around this time of the year, bluebonnets in Texas receive a lot of attention, and rightly so. When they bloom they are spectacular. However, not to push the attention of…

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19 Fun Ideas With Texas longhorn Cattle in TEXAS – During COVID

Just for our amoosement and yours, perhaps!!! Consider Outdoor Vs Indoor Distractions — 19 fun ideas with Texas longhorn cattle in Texas – during covid   After months of living in a COVID 19…

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Featured Feathers Around the Farm – Texas Birds

If you are a  supporter of this Texas Longhorn Farm Blog, there is no need to dwell on how much pleasure our family gets from our Texas longhorn cattle at Green Valley Ranch….

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The Indian Paintbrush | A Legend Retold and a Legendary Man

The Indian Paintbrush is an unusual flower, abundant in our longhorn cattle pastures this time of the year.  As we are in unusual times, our focus on Texas longhorn cattle…

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6 Reasons to Love Texas and a Lot of Longhorn BULL

my Texas Longhorn Valentine’s month Farm Blog   When Paul first spoke of his plans to buy a ranch in Texas I was not ecstatic. ( I hope I haven’t…

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How the Indian Blanket Got Its Colors – 3 Legends Covered

Gaillardia pulchella is also known as Indian Blanket, Firewheel, Indian Blanket flower or Sundance. The flowers literally cover the landscape with blankets of bright fiery colors. They are beautiful both…

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Wild About Texas Wildflowers? Here are 7 Wild Flower Facts…

***Scroll down for some featured “Flowers in Focus” – updated often!*** 1 – 🌼 There are more than 5000 species of Texas wildflowers that grow throughout the state.   2…

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4 Reasons Why Halloween is Not Our Most Favorite Holiday

Halloween is not necessarily everybody’s favorite holiday at Green Valley Ranch. Here are 4 reasons why, and a 5th reason that saves the day!! For a Treat, visit our SALEBARN…

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