Texas longhorn cattle for sale in Texas

Water Management



“Winterizing” Your Texas Longhorn Cattle in Texas

We have longhorn cattle in Texas. There are many states much colder than Texas.  We know first hand as we lived in several North East states for longer than we…

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16 Tips for Texas Longhorn Cattle Ranchers in Texas

Choosing your Texas longhorn cattle, preparing your acreage and planning ahead – cost-saving tips for Texas longhorn cattle ranchers you don’t want to miss.     Although we have owned…

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How to Ensure Your Texas Longhorn Cattle Have Water Year Round

Whether you are planning new water points or repairing old ones, you will not want to miss our TIPS below.   For your own Texas longhorn cattle, don’t forget to…

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How Our Longhorns Weathered the Texas Polar Vortex

a chilly story Texas Longhorn cattle are known for their ability to endure extreme temperatures, in summer and in winter alike. The Arctic Blast that we experienced throughout Texas this…

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7 Points to PONDer When Building a Stock Tank

1. First off, in Texas we call it a TANK. Ask a Texan why and the response will likely be (with a smile, ofcourse)….”because Dad called it a tank!” Jim…

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