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"Winterizing" your Texas longhorn cattle herd in Texas

longhorn calf in the snow

We have longhorn cattle in Texas. There are many states much colder than Texas.  We know first hand as we lived in several North East states for longer than we cared to.

Nonetheless, freezing temperatures have their challenges for cattle ranchers, even Texas longhorn cattle ranchers. For the same reasons we winterize around the house so should we consider what is required to winterize our ranches in Texas.

So much so, we have written many articles on preparing for those freezing temperatures. With the cold winter weather fast approaching, we thought it may be a great opportunity to revisit some of those articles.

longhorn calf in winter in texas

Texas longhorns are known to be a hardy cattle breed.

longhorns in winter in texas


To thrive in Texas throughout the year, longhorns need at the very least:-
  1. water,
  2. adequate nutrition and
  3. shelter 

As you know, water is crucial to the survival of all breeds of cattle. An obvious statement!! In fact, so obvious that as long as ranchers have water for their longhorn herd at any given time, the possibility of being without may be overlooked until it happens,……especially to ranchers who have not been in the cattle industry for too long.

This won’t ever happen to me – you may be thinking. After all, most of us like to plan ahead with water access for your longhorn cattle?

However, in the last 20 plus years of longhorn cattle ranching in Texas, we have realized that one can never be too prepared.  As a reminder, if you don’t want all your options to  “dry up” so to speak, here are a few soluble ideas about water and other necessities we have previously written about with our own experiences as reference.

A) 16 Tips for Texas Longhorn Cattle Ranchers in TexasJuly 2021 

An all- inclusive, simple handbook, if you will, of aspects to consider for ranchers with Texas longhorn cattle , even before you bring your longhorns ‘home’.

A few of the considerations include –

  • ensuring sufficient nourishment as is key to healthy longhorn herds
  •  planning ahead for water
  • shelters

longhorn calves in winter in texas


From time to time a few adult longhorn cows (the smart ones!) will take shelter from adverse weather in our steel framed shelters. In general, the majority of our Texas longhorn herd prefers to take cover from the wind, rain and snow in our naturally wooded areas, just like the deer.

longhorn cow in winter in texas


In central Texas, we do not often experience prolonged subzero temperatures. However, consecutive days below freezing can be a concern for cattle, even longhorn cattle. In these conditions, shelter from the wind is paramount and dry bedding helps in protecting extremities, particularly for bulls.

B) How our Longhorns weathered the Texas Polar VortexMarch 2021

A true account and real story of our Winter Weather experience with the rolling electricity blackouts in February 2021.


longhorn calf indoors

Our generator stalled, one of our wells failed and our tank froze. Our biggest fear was not only ensuring water for our longhorn herd but avoiding a real danger of our longhorns falling through the ice and drowning in the frozen tank.


longhorn cattle

C) How to ensure your Texas Longhorn Cattle have WATER year round April 2021

  • A practical step by step guide to installing water points
  • 5 tips to consider

winterizing in texas with an iced cattle trough

Even with electricity outages, look at the difference a water heater makes

winterizing in texas with texas longhorn cattle


D) 7 points to PONDer when building a Stock Tank. – April 2019

Some expert advice if you feel your water source(s) are inadequate or in need of improvement.



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Disclaimer: All material noted above is based on our hands- on experience as ranchers, as well as our observations of our own cattle over the years. We have done and continue to do extensive research in order to maintain our herd‘s optimum health. However, all opinions and statements made on our website are meant as guidelines only. We are not qualified statisticians/ veterinarians and urge you to consult a specialist with your concerns. Content of this blog and all pictures belong to GVR Longhorns LLC and may not be copied in any form. ©GVRlonghorns.com All rights reserved

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  1. So grateful that you share so much information for keeping these beautiful creatures safe and healthy! While I do not own Longhorns I absolutely enjoy reading about them and seeing the wonderful pictures…those weanlings but the Barn Yard Barracks just melts my heart. Keep on doing what you do to help the Longhorns and their owners – it makes all the difference!

    1. Thank you Barbara for your words of encouragement. Your positive vibe is always appreciated.

  2. Is it really that time of year again? Hoping for a mild winter but thank you for all the tips – good reminder to get busy making sure we have a plan in place!

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