Texas longhorn cattle for sale in Texas




GVR Longhorns: Have You Heard Our Extra Special news?

GVR Longhorns: have you heard our extra special news?   Visit our SALEBARN – CLICK HERE Seventeen years ago, As the story goes, at the age of 8 our son…

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Texas State Symbols: Texas Longhorn Cattle and a Whole Lot More

Texas longhorn cattle are one of over 70 Texas State Symbols that have been formally designated by the Texas Legislature. For example: THE LONE STAR STATE is the official Texas state nickname….

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100 Years of Texas History with Texas Longhorn Cattle in Texas

Can you imagine Texas history without Texas longhorn cattle??? There is no doubt that Texas longhorn cattle have assumed a quintessential roll in Texas history and remain a privileged and…

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6 Reasons to Love Texas and a Lot of Longhorn BULL

my Texas Longhorn Valentine’s month Farm Blog   When Paul first spoke of his plans to buy a ranch in Texas I was not ecstatic. ( I hope I haven’t…

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How the Indian Blanket Got Its Colors – 3 Legends Covered

Gaillardia pulchella is also known as Indian Blanket, Firewheel, Indian Blanket flower or Sundance. The flowers literally cover the landscape with blankets of bright fiery colors. They are beautiful both…

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Wild About Texas Wildflowers? Here are 7 Wild Flower Facts…

***Scroll down for some featured “Flowers in Focus” – updated often!*** 1 – 🌼 There are more than 5000 species of Texas wildflowers that grow throughout the state.   2…

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