Texas longhorn cattle for sale in Texas

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Why Texas Longhorns: Discover the 2 top reasons why savvy buyers choose them.

Discover the two top reasons why savvy buyers invest in Texas Longhorns and raise Texas Longhorn Cattle over many other breeds. 🐮 Why choose Texas Longhorns? 🐮 What are Texas…

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Tecovas Mural, TLBAA and a Texas Longhorn Steer: Triple TTT

TTT – Tecovas mural, TLBAA and a Texas longhorn steer named Maxie. TTT In the Texas longhorn cattle industry, TTT is a reference to a measurement of horns from Tip…

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Why Raise Texas Longhorn Cattle: A Rare True Life-Story

Why Raise Texas longhorn cattle? A rare true life-story. Why Raise Texas Longhorn Cattle? asked and answered in a rare true life-story that will make you think.. For your very…

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A warning about Texas Longhorn Cattle

A warning about the disadvantage of owning Texas longhorn cattle on Valentine’s Day,or any other day of the year. Apparently, according to Plato, love is a serious mental disease. In…

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Why Texas Longhorn Cattle?

Why Texas longhorns? By Cathy Valle Why do ranchers and land owners actually buy longhorns of their own? And, after the fact, are they happy with their choice? Let’s face…

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Can You Eat the Texas Longhorn Cattle You Raise?

Let’s weight up the benefit of eating Texas Longhorn beef on eating meat… PRO’S: The benefits of eating red meat are well known.  Meat has many beneficial properties. Meat has …

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