Texas longhorn cattle for sale in Texas

Why Texas Longhorns: Discover the 2 top reasons why savvy buyers choose them.

texas longhorn cattle

Discover the two top reasons why savvy buyers invest in Texas Longhorns and raise Texas Longhorn Cattle over many other breeds.

🐮 Why choose Texas Longhorns?

🐮 What are Texas longhorn cattle used for?

These questions come up more than you may think.  We often ask our visitors and prospective customers what attracts them to Texas Longhorns. In return, they ask us why we chose Texas longhorn cattle and have maintained our herd for many years. You can read our story HERE

Wouldn’t you like to know the top reasons why our customers raise Texas longhorn cattle?  If so, you probably won’t want to miss this…..


And, what is the main motivation for our customers to choose Longhorns?


why texas longhorns

⭐️⭐️⭐️ Is it because of their unique COLORS?


The color possibilities are endless.  Actually, there are tens of thousands of color combinations within the genetic makeup of longhorns. (Read our easy guide to coloration for more insight)

That’s why J. Frank Dobie in his book ‘The Longhorns.’ wrote that “the colors were more varied than those of the rainbow,” and they certainly are.

longhorn cow

🐮 Longhorns often have spectacular hides. However, color alone does not appear to be the deciding factor for choosing longhorns.

⭐️⭐️⭐️ Perhaps it’s their PERSONALITIES that attract prospective Longhorn owners?

It’s hard to explain how endearing longhorns can be if you have not yet experienced a Texas longhorn firsthand. Like us humans, longhorns are easy to tell apart. YES, from their colors but also because of their demeanor.  Some are likable, whereas, others are downright loveable, and all are different. This is one of the ways Texas Longhorns “hook” you and, rest assured, they do. Once a Longhorn lover, it’s hard to see them any other way. Generally, their personalities are captivating.

why texas longhorns

🐮 The thing is, bonds with ranchers and their longhorns are built over time and for the most part, unexpected. Although this is one of the best reasons for owning Texas Longhorn Cattle it is not necessarily a primary reason for seeking them out initially.

⭐️⭐️⭐️ What about their HORNS?

Similar to the original breeds of cattle, for example, the African Sanga and the Nguni, Texas longhorn horns vary in shape and size. Genetics have a lot to do with horn structure. So much so that in recent years, horn growth in Texas Longhorn Cattle has increased in thickness and length. This genetic modification has transformed the splendor of these majestic animals. ( For more on genetics and horn growth, read here. )  The Tip To Tip (TTT) measurement is instilled in the industry as an objective measure of horn size and in some instances is equated with Texas longhorns’ value.

To illustrate, at an auction, a couple of weeks ago in Grapevine Texas, an 11-year-old longhorn cow with a TTT horn measurement of 113″ did not sell. The last bid on the table was $150,000.00. All the same, this bid did not meet the reserve. (Texas Longhorn Cattle Prices)

Given the above, it would make sense to assume that Texas longhorns are favored solely because of their horns. Truth be told, many of our first-time visitors are intimidated by the horns. In addition, most of us do not have hundreds of thousands of expendable dollars to spend on one cow.  In reality, average prices are far more realistic and ranchers have a multitude of horn formations to pick.

texas longhorn cattle

In addition,  genetics can give an idea of how a cow will turn out, but there is no solid guarantee. The reality is that tons of Texas Longhorn calves are sold before their horns take any shape.


🐮 As much as a Texas Longhorn’s horns are part of the deal and may even seal the deal, this is not always the main focus for ranchers buying into the breed,  especially for new ranchers in Texas.

⭐️⭐️⭐️ Could it be that ranchers choose Texas Longhorns for BEEF?

The TLBAA  maintains that Texas Longhorn beef is a lean and healthy choice for meat eaters and that lean beef is good for you.  This notion is confirmed by Dr. Joseph Graham, a Longhorn breeder and a  Cardiovascular surgeon at St. John’s Medical Center in Missouri. Here is a quote directly from the TLBAA website.

“Lean beef is good for you – and the key word is lean. A heart patient can eat steak every meal if it is in the right proportions. Longhorn meat, on average, contains 10 percent less saturated fat than that of other cattle. That puts lean Longhorn beef on par with skinned boneless white meat of chicken and that fact may come as a surprise to many dieticians.”

Dr. Joseph Graham a cardiovascular Surgeon at St. John’s Medical Center in Joplin, Missouri.

🐮 Many ranchers use Texas Longhorns for beef profitably and many do not. If you are like me and can’t see past your T-bone with a personality, you may enjoy this article we wrote a while back, Can you eat the Texas Longhorn Cattle you raise?

⭐️⭐️⭐️ HIDES, HORNS and SKULLS maybe?

In the same way that Longhorns are used for beef, they are raised for their HIDES, HORNS, and SKULLS. Historically, Texas Longhorn Cattle were first trailed for the use of their hides and tallow, rather than for beef. However, these processes take time and skill and are not for everybody.

🐮 Although these uses of Texas longhorn cattle can be profitable, they do not fulfill the main criteria why ranchers in Texas choose Texas Longhorn Cattle.

⭐️⭐️⭐️ How about that Texas Longhorns can LIVE FOR A LONG TIME?

We have so many examples to share. When you visit us we inevitably remember the old ladies who have graced our pastures over many years. Like, for example, Calamity Louise a.k.a. Aunty Louise. She was born in 1999 and lived a productive life for over two decades. She was a wonderful cow, always waiting at the gate in her quiet manner. Aunty Louise’s presence is sorely missed but her legacy lives on in many of our breeding cows. She is one of many examples of longevity in our herd.


why longhorns

Likewise, Sterling passed away last year a few months shy of her 20th birthday. It was an honor to admire her in our pastures for many years.

🐮 There is a clear financial advantage to having of Texas Longhorn Cattle live long, productive lives. This is one of those cool facts one tends to learn once already interested in the Longhorn breed.

⭐️⭐️⭐️ Texas Longhorn Cattle are known for their HARDINESS and ADAPTABILITY.

Texas Longhorn cattle are adaptable to extreme temperatures. Central Texas has its fair share of crazy weather. Recent examples of ‘bipolar‘ weather in Texas include, on the one extreme, the Polar Vortex and Arctic Blast of 2021 and on the other extreme, the harsh summer drought in 2023.  While we did not necessarily enjoy either, our Longhorn herd endured the worst of it well. So much so,  that their endurance to the extremes inspired numerous articles, here are a few:-

Forage for Texas Longhorns in Texas during drought: 3 Challenges

4 Tips to Reduce Heat Stress in Texas Longhorn Cattle

Winterizing your Texas Longhorn Cattle

How our Longhorns weathered the Texas Polar Vortex 


It’s not only the drastic changes in climate that Texas Longhorns can handle. They are versatile on almost all types of terrain from improved pastures to rocky outcrops and creeks.

longhorn heifer

texas longhorn cow

They are a hardy breed and also tolerant of variety in forage. There’s no doubt that they can be spoilt but they are not picky eaters. Longhorns are grazers and browsers. If need be, Texas Longhorns will feed on several types of grass and other brush that other breeds of cattle will not.

cute texas longhorn calf

These characteristics of adaptability and hardiness are major selling points for many reasons. Anything to keep forage expenses down is a bonus.  Further, many of our customers do not live on their land, and some live far away.

🐮 Knowing that Longhorns are hardy and adaptable gives ranchers peace of mind in most extreme circumstances. It certainly does contribute to the attraction for raising Texas Longhorn cattle but it is still not the predominant reason why ranchers choose Texas Longhorn Cattle.


It’s significant to note that Texas Longhorns have a natural inbred resistance to disease. This unique immunity evolved over time. It is an interesting story in itself. You can read the summary HERE

The TLBAA promotes this inherent characteristic as a savings to ranchers in time and money. It certainly has been our experience that Texas Longhorns require minimal general maintenance and scheduled veterinary visits.

longhorn heifer calf

🐮 Peace of mind is key for everyone and, especially for ranchers who do not live on their acreage. Though a major contributing factor to why ranchers choose Texas Longhorn Cattle on their land, it is not the predominant factor.


⭐️⭐️⭐️ It must be that Texas Longhorns calve with ease and have strong maternal instincts

Generally, Texas Longhorn cows are great mothers. Their babies are their reason for being and they will do whatever is necessary to ensure their health and wellbeing.

why longhorns

Longhorns typically do not need help calving. Our longhorns usually seek out a quiet spot away from the herd to calve.

why longhorns

Their bodies are structured in a way to ensure an easy birth and that is usually the case. Moreover, Texas longhorn calves are small at birth – an added safeguard for limited birthing complications.


🐮 This feature of the breed is in itself a huge attraction for pure breeding as well as cross-breeding. Strong healthy babies are of fundamental importance but it is not the primary factor that influences why ranchers choose Texas Longhorn Cattle.

why texas longhorns


Let’s recap…….

We have listed many reasons why ranchers raise Texas Longhorns.

  • Texas Longhorn Cattle are colorful
  • They have distinct personalities
  • they have unique horns
  • their beef is low in cholesterol
  • there is a market for Longhorn hides, horns and skulls
  • Texas Longhorn Cattle remain productive for many years
  • They are hardy and adaptable to extreme conditions.
  • Longhorns have an inherent resistance to certain diseases and they have a strong immunity
  • Longhorn cows are generally exceptional mothers
  • They generally calve with ease.

The abovementioned characteristics of Texas Longhorn Cattle add to the attraction to the breed.

In our experience, the main reason why ranchers choose Texas Longhorn Cattle is twofold. Our customers generally mention one of two key factors in their choice. More of than not, our customers mention both…….

texas longhorn cow and calf

Why our customers choose Texas Longhorns in Texas

  1. TEXAS

TEXAS is key in Name and  State.

After all, Texas Longhorn Cattle are synonymous with TEXAS. The state animal of Texas is, you guessed it, the Texas Longhorn. That’s no wonder, as the Texas longhorn breed played an important role in the history of Texas. Our customers acknowledge and appreciate their iconic significance to the building of the Lonestar State of Texas. What better way to pay homage to the majestic Texas Longhorn than to invest in registered Longhorns from yesteryear to admire and enjoy for years to come.

       2. AG EXEMPTION

In essence, the Texas Longhorn Cattle breed is one of the easiest types of livestock to raise and maintain over time.  In Texas, Texas Longhorns also qualify for Ag Exemption.  With the proper fencing, adequate forage and supplements, as well as, water, Texas Longhorns ensure significant savings in property taxes. Add the benefits of the breed and ranchers experience savings in time, money, and ultimately, peace of mind.


longhorns in texas

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Texas longhorn cattle sold at GVRlonghorns

All our Texas longhorn cattle sold are illegible for registration with TLBAA.

All our calves are quoted with prices that include vaccinations, deworming, registration with TLBAA, transfer of registration, and castration(where applicable)

As a side note, our calves are usually weaned around 6 months of age. They spend anywhere from a week to three weeks in our corral

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  1. Hi Cathy! Nice article, once again. On the topic of disease resistance…Our Angus cows and donkeys all have had lice this spring, The donkeys and one Angus calf are hanging out with our Longhorns, but the Longhorns seem to be lice free. At the very least, if the lice are jumping on them, they don’t have the bald patches the cows get. Another example of how easy they are to keep.

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