Texas longhorn cattle for sale in Texas

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Texas longhorn cattle sold at GVRlonghorns: 2023

Even though we are off to a good start and well into 2024, our momentum is not without gratitude to all who supported our program through the last 12 months….

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Forage for Texas Longhorn Cattle During a Drought: 3 Challenges

3 Challenges with Forage for Texas Longhorn Cattle in Drought conditions in Texas.   The US Drought Monitor indicates that close to 80% of Texas is currently experiencing some level…

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GVR Longhorns: Have You Heard Our Extra Special news?

GVR Longhorns: have you heard our extra special news?   Visit our SALEBARN – CLICK HERE Seventeen years ago, As the story goes, at the age of 8 our son…

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Why Raise Texas Longhorn Cattle: A Rare True Life-Story

Why Raise Texas longhorn cattle? A rare true life-story. Why Raise Texas Longhorn Cattle? asked and answered in a rare true life-story that will make you think.. For your very…

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Why a Trip to Scotland Has a Place in our Longhorn Cattle Blog

Longhorn cows, Texas and and, and, and…Scotland? by CATHY VALLE Longhorn cattle in Texas – that’s what we blog about. So we totally get it! – when we add Scotland to…

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Texas State Symbols: Texas Longhorn Cattle and a Whole Lot More

Texas longhorn cattle are one of over 70 Texas State Symbols that have been formally designated by the Texas Legislature. For example: THE LONE STAR STATE is the official Texas state nickname….

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Texas Longhorn Cattle Horns: A Simple Tip to Avoid a Common Mistake

How to avoid a common mistake with Texas longhorn cattle horns: ONE simple tip to twist your thinking, so to speak Longhorns are a dime a dozen these days- yes, long…

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An Easy Guide to Coloration of Texas longhorn Cattle

Did you know, color in Texas longhorn cattle is somewhat predictable? This last weekend at the Hudson Valentine Longhorn cattle Auction, LTL Sheza Outside Kat owned by Richard and Jean…

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How Do Texas Longhorns Compare With Other Cattle Breeds: 9 Factors

How do Texas longhorn cattle compare with other cattle breeds: 9 factors Ever wondered how Texas longhorn cattle compare with other cattle breeds in Texas? 1. If you are considering…

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Romance & Ruminating with Longhorn Cattle: 8 Inspiring Quotes

Romance and Ruminating with Longhorn Cattle It’s not often you will hear LOVE and LONGHORNS in the same sentence. WHY then would we venture into this ‘field’, so to speak,…

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