Texas longhorn cattle for sale in Texas

Managing Your Herd



Texas Longhorn Cattle Hoof Trimming: A Guideline From Tip To Toe

In the Texas longhorn cattle industry wide horn measurements from Tip To Tip are so popular that we sometimes overlook other features. However, when it comes to the overall health…

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Forage for Texas Longhorn Cattle During a Drought: 3 Challenges

  • September 1, 2023
  • Cathy

3 Challenges with Forage for Texas Longhorn Cattle in Drought conditions in Texas.   The US Drought Monitor indicates that close to 80% of Texas is currently experiencing some level…

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Longhorn Cattle in Texas: 4 Essential Tips to Reduce Heat Stress

4 essential tips to reducing heat stress in Texas longhorn cattle in Texas by Cathy Valle Since Ancient Roman times the Dog Days of Summer, generally the period between July…

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Texas Longhorn Calves: A Guide to Stress Management

Reducing stress for young Texas longhorn calves.  For Texas longhorn calves, one of the most stressful times must surely be at weaning. Babies are separated from their mothers. Mothers are…

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“Winterizing” Your Texas Longhorn Cattle in Texas

We have longhorn cattle in Texas. There are many states much colder than Texas.  We know first hand as we lived in several North East states for longer than we…

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Texas Longhorn Cattle Horns: A Simple Tip to Avoid a Common Mistake

How to avoid a common mistake with Texas longhorn cattle horns: ONE simple tip to twist your thinking, so to speak Longhorns are a dime a dozen these days- yes, long…

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Young Texas Longhorn Cattle: 5 Easy Tips to Wean Them Gently

How to wean your young Texas Longhorn Cattle gently: 5 easy tips to calm calves Weaning young Texas longhorn cattle is stressful. Wonder feeding her hungry calf Alice in Wonderland…

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Making Your Mark on Texas Longhorn Cattle – Cattle Branding

everything you need to know about branding Texas longhorn cattle……….. by Cathy Valle It is true that Texas longhorn cattle are easier to identify from one another compared with most…

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16 Tips for Texas Longhorn Cattle Ranchers in Texas

Choosing your Texas longhorn cattle, preparing your acreage and planning ahead – cost-saving tips for Texas longhorn cattle ranchers you don’t want to miss.     Although we have owned…

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Can You Eat the Texas Longhorn Cattle You Raise?

Let’s weight up the benefit of eating Texas Longhorn beef on eating meat… PRO’S: The benefits of eating red meat are well known.  Meat has many beneficial properties. Meat has …

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