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This page is updated as often as we can!

Many of our calves are sold before they are featured on our website.

Please contact us if you would like to place your name on our waiting list or speak to us for our latest updates.

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Texas longhorn cows

Our cows are usually sold exposed to our current bull. They are also often sold with their latest calf by their side in a package deal.

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Longhorn Steer

Longhorn Steers

Most of our Texas longhorn BULL CALVES are steered before they are 6 months old. Please contact us if you see a Longhorn BULL calf that you would like as a steer on our CALVES FOR SALE page.

Steers for sale
Longhorn Heifers

Longhorn Heifers

This Page is updated regularly. However, we do not post everybody that is available. For pricing and foundation packages regarding our Texas Longhorn Cattle for sale, please call or email us. Delivery can be arranged in and around the Dublin, Texas area, which includes amongst others, Stephenville, Fort Worth and Dallas.

You may also check our CALVES FOR SALE page for young heifers not yet weaned

Heifers for sale

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Texas longhorn cattle

for a real chance to include the most favorable genetics in the Texas longhorn industry without breaking the bank

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DISCLAIMER – Texas Longhorn cattle are a great addition to our Ranch. Although we love them, we respect them and do not underestimate their strength. Many longhorns have been halter trained but ours are not. We use common sense in handling them and urge you to do the same.

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