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GVR Longhorns: Have You Heard Our Extra Special news?

GVR Longhorns at the Fort Worth Stockyards

GVR Longhorns: have you heard our extra special news?



Seventeen years ago,

As the story goes, at the age of 8 our son Alex announced his intentions to become a veterinarian. At the time, he was at school in Stephenville, TX.  Casually, so we thought, he researched the requirements necessary to apply to vet school at Texas A&M.

His interest in animals was no surprise to us. Green Valley Ranch, where GVR Longhorns is situated was already our weekend retreat. Even so,  Alex had been exposed to all types of animals from a very early age.

An equine vet in the making. Alex with his Nonna as he is introduced to Beauty, her minature horse.


Alex with Jenny and Charlie, two of his first favorite furry friends.

25 years ago,

Alex was born in South Africa at a time when we owned and ran our safari lodge in Africa. For more on our lodge…

He went on game drives in our Land Rover before he could walk. Every day saw something furry, from a wide variety of species of wildlife to original heritage livestock, horses, donkeys, our four-legged family pets, and anything else that lives in the African bush.


talking to the animals

We can’t remember for certain, but Alex probably said MOO before he said ‘mama’ and NEIGH before ‘no’.

One thing is for sure, from the start he was comfortable with all our furry friends.

At a friend’s ranch, just outside of Stephenville, TX


Dublin, Texas

a few years later…..

Today at GVR Longhorns,

What has been encouraging and admirable, is watching Alex stay his course with focus and dedication.

…there’s a doctor in the house at GVR longhorns!

Dr. Alex Valle – Alex completed his undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science at A&M in College Station, TX. He then went on to complete his Veterinary Science Degree at PennVet – specializing in Equine Medicine.

On May 15, 2023, Alex graduated from the University of Pennsylvania SUMA CUM LAUDE with two additional commensurate awards, one in Surgery and the other in Anatomy.

So why write this blog??

Graduates – 2023. An awesome couple – a doctor and a nurse. Alex and his girlfriend, Macy.

As parents, we’re  over the moon and so proud of Alex’s achievements. We are also inspired to see him and other young adults who have been able to navigate through this post-Covid world and fulfill their goals. After all, their ambitions to succeed are our hope for the future.

Congratulations to our son Dr. Alex Valle, to his classmates who graduated besides him, before him and after him and to all parents who inspire their children to follow their dreams.

Veterinarians- gvrlonghorns
Dr. Alex Valle and Dr. Brent Gerbec. Fellow graduates and roommates. Both graduated from the University of Pennsylvania SUMA CUM LAUDE.

To sum it up at …

photo by Peri Hughes

For Alex to specialize as an Equine Veterinarian makes sense. After all, horses have been in Alex’s life every step of the way. Even though photographic evidence is lacking from the early years, cows have been there too! And so, at GVRlonghorns, we will not exchange our Texas longhorns for horses, but as has been our routine in the past, we will still gladly accept an extra hand from our son when he comes to visit. Herd wellness checks, calf vaccinations and cow palpations are set to coincide with Alex’s visits. After all, there’s a doctor in the house!



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Thank you for spending time with us,


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  1. Congratulations to all of you! Mom and Dad behind him every step of the way, Dr. Alex doing all the heavy lifting! Wishing all of you the very best!

  2. Congratulations, Alex.
    Wish we were closer to use your services.
    Curious, Are you a descendant of the Valle family of early Sainte Genevieve, Missouri?
    Best wishes, Patty Havens

    1. Thanks so much Patty – from Alex specifically. Alex’s grandfather is visiting us at the moment so I asked him. He does not know of any Valle relations in the States, but you never know. He believes that our family name originated in Spain. His closest family now lives north of Venice. Both he and Alex’s grandmother live in South Africa, where Paul and I were born, and Alex too.

  3. Alex is such a remarkable man, which of course makes sense because both of his parents are equally as remarkable. It’s inspiring to see all he has accomplished, and exciting to know that there is so much more yet to come. Congratulations to Alex, Macy and Brent. Our world is in good hands.

  4. Congratulations to Alex, and to you fine folks with the fascinating history. Love your posts, pictures, and cattle! I always read every word.

  5. Congrats to Alex and Macy on graduating and to Paul and Cathy for raising such a wonderful young man! Now another chapter in all their lives begins as he moves on to Florida and an internship.
    Good luck for the future Alex.

  6. Congratulations on Alex, know you’re over the moon on his achievements. Wish him the best in the world. Alex has two outstanding parents setting a great example.

  7. Such impressive news. Please tell Alex how proud I am of my “old” neighbor.
    Susan Dillman

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