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A warning about Texas longhorn cattle

A warning about the disadvantage of owning Texas longhorn cattle on Valentine’s Day,or any other day of the year.

Apparently, according to Plato, love is a serious mental disease. In the same vain, Socrates said that love is madness – surely they must have had Texas longhorn cattle!

The thing is,  Texas longhorn cattle have transformed our lives. There’s a pretty good chance that longhorns have or will have a changing effect for you too – not necessarily a disadvantage.

The Reasons

  • Texas longhorns have a beauty that is mesmerizing.
  • As a Texas longhorn cattle breed, their iconic place in Texas history is awe inspiring,

and last, but perhaps the most significant….

  • Their lessons of love are exemplary.

So this Valentine’s day, sit back and enjoy some of our recent favorite photos. BUT, don’t say you have not been warned.

Not everybody is inclined to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a longhorn.  Nevertheless, they will cost you! When you make extra trips to your ranch to visit your longhorns, and when you can no longer find pictures of your children and grand children on your phone because your phone is filled with photos of longhorns, you know you have crossed the threshold, and you can say with pride that you are a member of our ever growing Texas longhorn ‘Cowmoonity’.

For a longhorn of your very own, visit our salebarn here
Little Lady with her calf Rebel’s Boujee Lady on the day Boujee was born. Little Lady used her tongue to stabilize her little heifer as she found her feet.


longhorn cow licks her calf
Lady Godiva is the cow in the background. Her 2020 calf, Lady Calamity is the cow in the foreground, shielding her very first calf, Calamity Jane. Little Spirit is the other little heifer calf in this picture. She is Calamity Jane’s friend. This picture shows how family groups stick together, how age groups form relationships and how mothers will baby sit and protect their own calves and calves of others.


Longhorn cows bathe and bond with their calves in snow, wind, sunshine and rain. This is Sabra with her 2022 heifer calf Glory of Texas


Nirvana’s Jewel is a young mom but a great one. Here she is with her 2022 heifer calf Bobbysocks – making sure to keep those socks clean


Hugs – Red Pepper with her 2022 heifer Texas Belle
Desert Moon takes a nap. Her boy, Moonpie makes a fuss of her whilst his friends stay close.


Longhorn calf huddle.
Longhorn cows set an example for their little ones. Calves set an example too for anyone younger than they are.
longhorn cattle
We know Texas longhorns are attentive to their young. Even when Dusty is eating, her calf is right besides her.
wrapped up in the hay – everybody has their place

Happy Valentine’s Day Y’all

If you still want your own Texas longhorn cattle, and have not taking our warning seriously – please contact us today to schedule a visit to meet us and our herd. 

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If you agree that this warning is not necessarily a disadvantage of owning Texas longhorn cattle, here is a link outlining some other advantages of Texas longhorn cattle, read more here

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    1. Hi Cindy, I originally started this blog to share these magnificent longhorns with anyone who was interested to share our joy. Your comment, therefore, means more than ever to me. Thank you so much. And, you are so right. Farming can be tough, especially when the weather is bad but it is an incredible life.

  1. Beautiful pics. 💕We have 2 longhorn steers, half brothers, 3 and 1/2 years, and we adore them. Had them at 6 mos old.
    If I and a friend can ever come just to visit and view your herd, especially with babies, please let me know.

    Many blessings to you and happy Valentine’s Day,

    Mary from Bluff Dale

    1. Hi Mary, thank you so much for the comment, compliments and your blessings. We love positive comments especially from fellow longhorn lovers and we really appreciate your support in following our blog. Your longhorn boys are obviously really lucky to have you! We always encourage a visit to meet us and our longhorns before purchasing our longhorns. However, we are not a general public venue and not geared for that. We have toyed with the idea of having an event or two here for our most loyal supporters and if we do, we will most certainly mention it on our Cowmoonity Newsletter.

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