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What is the Value of Texas Longhorn Cattle in 2023?

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What is the value of Texas longhorn cattle and how much do they cost in 2023?


Wondering what the value of  Texas Longhorn cattle is?

M Arrow Desert Sunrise wandering through the fog….


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On the high end,  $700K. That is the highest price that a longhorn cow cost and sold for on public auction last year (2022).

Too much for you?

The second highest value was $350K and after that $250K

What’s more, one and the same buyer purchased the top three auctioned longhorns. That’s 3 longhorn cows for a value of $1 300,000.

Granted, all three cows exceed 100″ Tip To Tip horn measurement (TTT) but that’s still a hefty price tag for the majority of us. 

HR-Rosette-longhorn -cow
HR Rosette sold for $700K in 2022. Harrell Ranch takes the honors for breeding her and selling her. There is no doubt that she is a beautiful longhorn. Her full story is the January Edition of the Texas Longhorn Trail magazine, pg. 12. She reached 100″ TTT before her 6th birthday.

Moreover, what if you are going into this “tight on the purse strings”?

Consider this….

  1.  According to the TLBAA, 193 longhorn cows sold at public auction in 2022 for $10,000 or more ( Cash Cow Edition, Texas Longhorn Trails, Jan. 2023, pg14{edited})
  2.  42 out of 193 longhorns were purchased for a cost of $30,500 or more…. around 20 buyers purchased these longhorns cows 
  3.  The amount spend on all 193 combined totaled close on $6.4million , almost $2million more than in 2021 .


Do these high prices excite you or intimidate you?



Here is another side to the value of Texas longhorns….


  • All Texas longhorn cows that sold at public auction in 2022 for  $100,000 or more measured  90″ TTT and above or had potential for this horn development with age.
  • The group of buyers competing to purchase these longest horned longhorn cows with the capability of producing the longest horned longhorns in the industry is relatively small, understandably so. They do however drive the value of Texas longhorn cattle upwards, at least in their category of  longhorn owners.
  • 3 auctions did a great job in drawing the attention of this high paying group and were responsible for over 60% of the 193 cows sold above $10,000.
  • On the other extreme, not all auctions in 2022 attracted consistently high prices. In fact, 193 “cash cows”  represents approximately only 10% of total longhorns sold at auction in 2022.

In other words , approximately 90% of Texas Longhorn Cattle sold for a value below $10,000.00 at public auction in 2022.

  • As an example, the average sale price at the Eddie Wood Cowtown Classic Sale in 2023 was around $2300, the same as it was in 2022. ( we added the total sum of sales excluding the highest and lowest values to calculate this average)
  • In addition, in 2022, the TLBAA processed 9503 transfers. (TLBAA: Texas Longhorn Trails Jan. edition, pg,15.) This figure indicates a change of ownership from one member to another.
  • Of these transfers, only approximately 20% are public auction sales.
  • If the above assumption is correct, 80% of Texas longhorns (registered with the TLBAA) were most likely sold through Private Treaty.
longhorn cow
Jamine Blossom deMISTifying

Assumptions when assessing the cost and value of Texas Longhorn Cattle

  1. Private Treaty sales data is exactly that, PRIVATE!  And, auction prices are a small portion of sales. Nonetheless, patterns tend to repeat themselves, throughout the year and from one year to the next.
  2. Genetics that influence extreme TTT measurements are significant but they are not definitive.
  3. Evidently, high TTT measurements do not always guarantee a high sale price. Numerous longhorns with TTT measurements in the 70’s, 80’s and even one or two in the 90’s did not sell over $10,000.
  4. Across the board, various factors appear to influence prices and include overall appearance, condition, age, productivity, horn shape and composition.
  5. Finally, an additional factor influencing the price of Texas longhorn cattle is the market they attract. A competitive market or an enthusiastic crowd will certainly raise the price point.
Paintbrush is a daughter of Desert Sunrise( the first photo up above). Here she is with her first calf, Picasso. You never know what you are going to get. Paintbrush is pretty big for her age as she will be 3 in July. When she was born she was red with a few splotches of white, kind of like Picasso is now, except he is white on red. Do you think he will brindle too? Time will tell….

In conclusion

According to the USDA,  a young beef animal ready for slaughter currently sells at around $1100 to $1250.

Add on the colorful hide, the horns and the personality that a Texas longhorn has to offer and its up to you to decide how many of these bells and whistles you want…..

To sum it all up, there is no price standard or cost guideline on Texas longhorn cattle as a breed. In addition, there  is also no measurable criteria against which the value of Texas longhorn cattle can be calculated.  It is true,  we can analyze genetics, measure horn lengths, record weights and assess progeny. But even then, prices seem to vary throughout the industry.

Indeed, if you are after 100″ TTT Texas longhorns then be prepared to pay $100,000 and more without a second thought.

Otherwise, you may want to consider this when deciding what the range in value of Texas longhorn cattle works for you:

  1.  Buy what you can afford. Buying Texas longhorns on credit or the expectation of making it big is a bad idea unless you have expendable cash.  There is no  guarantee of the potential of a young longhorn or its progeny and the subsequent potential value that longhorn may realize.
  2. Have a budget that suites your means and stick to it.  Before you know it, your plan for one or two will be duplicated and you’ll have four, and so on…. especially at an auction.
  3. Buy what you like. Assuming the Texas longhorn is healthy and productive, she needs to look good in your eyes. After all, you will spend the most time looking at her. Texas longhorns vary in so many of their characteristics, but particularly in their color, conformity, horn shape and personality.

Ultimately, if you really want what you see and you have checked all the boxes, be prepared to pay the full asking price.

Rest assured, if you don’t, someone else will!

It’t up to you to find a way!

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