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Why Texas Longhorn Cattle?

So you've been thinking about getting a couple of Texas Longhorn Cattle

They are beautiful and majestic but it's not like you can try them out for a couple of weeks and then change your mind. After all, Longhorn Cattle do have a reputation of being difficult to handle, and those horns can get really long and in the way.  Maybe you've had experience with other breeds of cattle or maybe you are not familiar with cattle at all. 

Whatever your circumstances, we think you will agree that you need to be as sure as you can be that Longhorn cattle are for you, before you even look at what's available to purchase.




When you break it down, the consideration is quite simple. After almost 20 years with our Texas Longhorn cattle herd, we can say with confidence that it really depends on what you want to accomplish. 

This may seem overly simplistic but  for those that stick it out,  including us to a degree, many Texas longhorn cattle owners change the nature of their initially purchased herd, sometimes at great expense.




Let's face it, Texas Longhorn cattle are stunning to look at. Unlike many other breeds, there are no two animals alike, unless you buy a clone.  What's more, is that Texas longhorn cattle are also, inherently TEXAS! 

The bottom line is that Texas Longhorn cattle as an investment can get real expensive. To date, the highest purchase price paid for a Longhorn is $380 000.00, for 3S Danica at the Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale, in 2018. 


3S Danica Live Auction Bidding on YouTube  Legacy Sale, Grapevine TX, 03/18/2018


Now we're not saying that everyone will strive to set new records. All the same, whatever your budget is, expenses do add up and mistakes can be costly as is the case with all farming activities.

Were you that person, or do you know someone who studied for diploma or a degree, qualified , only to follow a different occupation?

It turns out that many of us pursue another career path, other than what we studied. In a funny way, the same is true for Texas Longhorn cattle.  




Stay with us for a moment longer. Most paths you take will  certainly be rewarding. And, although having a Texas Longhorn in your pasture may exceed your expectations overall, the longhorn you land up with may not necessarily turn out to be what you hoped. 

As it happens,  what constitutes a great Texas Longhorn is fairly subjective.  Historically, the foundation families who's  ranching efforts  saved the breed, maintained Texas Longhorn cattle for different reasons.  

Similarly, modern day breeders breed for an assortment  of different characteristics and features depending on their own preferences and considerations of what a Texas Longhorn should be.




Make no mistake, there are ranchers out there who have been involved in the industry for many more years than we have and who run larger Texas Longhorn cattle herds, Additionally, many are actively involved in the various associations. 

We are continuously learning from our own experiences and from others and in doing so accumulate lots of information. 

Below, and with no obligation, we have outlined a step by step guide for you to consider before you take the plunge.


We have consolidated  relevant articles, good reads and miscellaneous information  that will help  to make your informed decisions regarding Texas Longhorn Cattle. 

Our experience with Texas Longhorn cattle continues to be magical - below are some  pointers to ensure yours is too.

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what is my objective?

ag exemption

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ag exemption

ag exempt, agricultural exemption, texas ranch, longhorn, gvr longhorns, longhorn cattle for sale

Are you considering purchasing Texas Longhorn Cattle solely to fulfill an Agricultural Exemption prerequisite? 

If so, you may not necessarily require animals that are registered with any organization. And even if you do, it may be beneficial for you to ascertain that your Texas Longhorns live up to their reputation of being able to withstand harsh conditions without having being bred under cover,for example,  or with supplemental feed like sweet feed.

For additional information on Ag Exemption, here is a link to our BLOG on the subject

For how to apply for Ag Exemption in Texas go to

For Pleasure

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ag exemption

texas longhorn cattle for sale, texas longhorn cow, longhorn cow, gvr longhorns, longhorn cattle

 There is no doubt that Texas Longhorn Cattle are impressive to look at. They decorate any pasture. They are synonymous with Texas and are in fact a heritage breed.  

The Livestock Conservancy has listed Texas Longhorns as a heritage breed on the critically endangered list.

The Cattlemen's Texas Longhorn Registery  (CTLR)  aims to promote Texas Longhorn cattle that are "historically correct and genetically pure." 

Modern day Texas Longhorns are fundamentally different. (see TLBAA)

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clean up crew

clean up crew

Texas longhorn steer for sale, longhorn steer, longhorn, GVR longhorns, longhorn cattle, Texas cow

Texas Longhorn cattle are dual foragers. They graze grass and browse leaves simultaneously. They eat a wider range of foliage compared with many other Breeds of cattle. They eat briars, cactus, leaves and brush foliage, over and above grazing. Marks, who established one of the original Longhorn herds in the early to mid 1900's said, "Longhorns thrive where other breeds would starve." (The Texas Longhorn, Worcester, D Texas A & M University press p74 1994)  For a list of their other habits, read our blog > 11 habits of our longhorn cattle herd. 


stock show events

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Texas longhorn calves for sale, longhorn calf, gvr longhorns, Texas longhorn cattle, Texas longhorn

Texas longhorn cattle are known for their naturally low cholesterol meat, resistance to disease, low birthing weight, high production and fertility.

Many years ago, Dr Steward Fowler, of Oklahoma State University

referred to Texas longhorn cattle as a potential "genetic goldmine' for the beef industry, He wrote about his studies of Texas longhorn cattle with regard to  Cross breeding for the Beef Market, highlighting their hardiness as well as the quality of meat produced. Although a big body structure is paramount for beef production, farmers sometimes sell the horns and skull to increase profitability. Considering that younger animals will most likely taste better, horn growth is not a priority.

stock show events

stock show events

stock show events

Texas longhorn cattle, Longhorn cattle for sale, Longhorn calf, longhorn calf for sale, gvrlonghorns

Thanks Peri Hughes for this cute photo! It's a pic of our son, all those years ago. Growing up with longhorns had a lasting impact on him. He is now studying to be a veterinarian. 

Obviously, disposition is a priority for show animals. But apart from their personality, judges look for features that they feel represent the perfect Texas Longhorn. 

Various Stock Show events are posted on the TLBAA website under the EVENTS tab Guidelines are posted in their official handbook. Here is a link to the TLBAA handbook

For Texas Longhorn Stock Show events organized by ITLA use this link

horn showcase

stock show events

stock show events


If you are interested in competing in the Horn measurement events, the modern day genetics are imperative in your Texas Longhorn cattle. Horn Measurement events have become increasingly competitive. Every year the mark is set higher.

The longest horns measured on a Texas longhorn steer 

Poncho Via - TTT 323.74cm

On 08/05/2019 Poncho Via was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as holding the record for the largest horn spread on a living steer, measuring 10 ft 7.4in. He took the title from Sato,

the former record holder,  measuring in at a mere 320.99cm. Unfortunately for Poncho Via, he has already been superseded. The latest unofficial record holder is Bucklehead BCB measuring in at 133 13/16". He was measured at the 2019 Horn Showcase. At the same Showcase longhorn cow, 3S Danica measured 104 3/8" and longhorn bull, Cowboy Tuff Chex measureed 103 3/8" . SEE ALL 2019 Horn Showcase results here.

the longest horns on a Texas longhorn

Poncho Via is set to loose his title but he is still quite a sight to see.

View the video here

How many Texas longhorn cattle should I have?

Texas longhorn cattle facts, Texas longhorn cattle resources, Texas longhorn cattle, GVR longhorns

The Appraisal district

The Appraisal District is a great place to start whether you are currently a rancher or if you have just purchased a parcel of land. Your District is constantly checking the Use of Agricultural land. Not only can you confirm what Exemptions your land has but you can gain advise on additional Agricultural Exemptions they may be relevant to you. Further, if you are not sure, confirming that Texas Longhorn Cattle will qualify you for Ag Exemption, is a good idea.

For links and other resources in Texas, read our Farm Blog post - Texas longhorn cattle - the sensible solootion to Ag Exemption

Soil Conservation

In Texas, your area's Soil Conservation district representative can give you information your land's sustainability. They have research data on what to plant and when and how many head of cattle per acre you land can maintain.

Texas longhorn cattle require less forage than most other breeds of cattle, They will also eat a more variable diet as they are browsers as well as grazers.

Our farm blog post - 11 Habits of of our Texas Longhorn Cattle herd, lists other benefits of the breed,

personal circumstances

Texas longhorn cattle have a herd mentality. They do not like to be alone. Having said that, everybody's circumstances are unique. So whether you have two or twenty will be a factor of your purse, your preference and your property, taking into account the points  detailed above as well as the quality of your fencing, water access and equipment.

Some other Farm Blog posts you may find interesting:-

How much do Texas longhorn cattle cost?

Texas longhorn cattle prices, Texas longhorn cattle, GVR longhorns, longhorn cow, longhorn calf, cow

Starting prices

Just like the stock market and the property market, Livestock prices vary. Here is a guideline to our starting prices. Prices are issued on request for Texas Longhorn cattle with specialize genetics.

PLEASE NOTE: Our prices are based on private treaty deals and not auction prices where a number of additional fees are taken into account.


  • Texas longhorn bull calves      $450
  • Texas longhorn heifer calves   $550
  • Texas longhorn steer                $500


  • Texas longhorn cow (unbred) $750
  • Texas longhorn cow -bred      $1200


Texas Longhorn cattle tips & resources

your livestock asset

why is history important?

why is history important?

Texas longhorn cattle facts, Texas longhorn cattle, Texas longhorn cattle for sale, longhorn cow,

Texas longhorn cattle stand apart from most other breeds of cattle because of their horns. All the same, Texas longhorn cattle are a livestock asset. Unless you specifically want to purchase a Texas longhorn steer, for aesthetic reasons only, your first priority to consider is that your herd is can reproduce..

First and foremost, cattle need to breed. Even if you do not want to increase your herd,  an animal's breeding ability is front and center.for resale purposes. And what's more,  Genetics mean nothing if and animal cannot reproduce!!

Udder soundness, underdeveloped testicles, visible defects are reasons to avoid an animal and points worth discussing with the animal's current owner

why is history important?

why is history important?

why is history important?

Texas longhorn cattle facts, Texas longhorn cattle, history of Texas longhorn cattle, GVR longhorns

The genetics of Texas longhorn cattle are complexed. The breed is a culmination of a hybrid of genetics as well as years of a breed surviving in the harshest of environments. Texas longhorn cattle faced extinction in the 1920's and owes their survival, largely due to the foresight of 7 "families."  These 7 families created a genetic pool which formed a foundation for the Texas longhorn breed, as we know it today. 

For various reasons, the original 7 families chose their herds based on their perception of a good animal. Each focused on characteristics they preferred and  deemed important for their circumstances

Interestingly, from the very outset, perceptions differed on what characterized a perfect Texas longhorn cattle herd.

For more on the History of the Texas longhorn cattle breed, read our Farm Blog,

16 Interesting Facts: The Texas Longhorn Cattle Breed.

For more on the 7 families.....

  • Jack Phillips
  • M.P. 'Chico' Wright
  • Graves Peeler
  • Cap Yates
  • Milby Butler
  • Emil H. Marks
  • Wichita Wildlife Refuge (WR)

READ HERE -article by Henry Woods posted in Trail Magazine 


Texas longhorn cattle links

Texas longhorn cattle links

Texas longhorn cattle facts, longhorn cattle for sale, longhorn cow, GVR longhorns, gvrlonghorns,

So obvious that we obviously have to talk about them!!

It is no secret that Texas longhorn HORNS have changed. They've changed a lot in a relatively short time.

It was not so long ago when measurements of 60" Tip to Tip (TTT) on a cow were considered impressive. 

Last year at the TLBAA HORN Show case, 3S Danica produced a TTT measurement of 104 3/8"

As the horns have been bred to stretch out, so have the twists and turns. 

Because many Texas longhorn cattle breeders breed for length of horn with aspirations of  breeding the widest TTT animal. Texas longhorn cattle with a twist in their horns are becoming more difficult to find.

There are breeders who believe that the value of Texas Longhorn cattle is surmountable with the length of their horns. Others will consider all the characteristics. 

It ultimately is a personal choice.

If you do like to see twists and turns, here is a great article, written by Justin Rombeck.

 7 Types of Twists 

Page 46, TLBAA Trails magazine May/June publication.

Texas longhorn cattle links

Texas longhorn cattle links

Texas longhorn cattle links

Texas longhorn cattle facts, Texas longhorn cattle, Texas longhorn cow, cute cow photo, GVRlonghorns

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