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Are Texas Longhorn Cattle Dangerous?

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A real farm story…




Texas longhorn cattle have a reputation of being fierce and they certainly can be. A Texas longhorn cow knows the exact point of the tip of her horn with no need for a tape measure. We give our Texas longhorn cows space as they calve. They will protect their babies and those of other no matter what and so we do not approach mothers on foot for days after they have calved. If a longhorn shakes its horns at you, it means business! We respect their strength. Their horns are quite intimidating to look at and can certainly cause harm but for the most part, longhorn cattle are not aggressive.  All the same, longhorn cattle have their own personalities that vary from each other, just like us humans.

To answer the question, are Texas longhorn cattle dangerous,  consider that some have their quirks and some are more trusting than others.


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To illustrated how docile Texas longhorn cattle can be, here is a REAL FARM STORY from our Texas longhorn cattle herd. More will be added from time to time.

A story of an endearing Texas longhorn cow.



 “A picture is worth a thousand words”


– an old English adage that has been used over and over and its even more true for a video.

Here is a video of Blackie Bloo that needs no further explanation.


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Blackie Bloo’s official name is SNIPER’S STAR EOT. She has a great pedigree but that is not why we purchased her.

Here is her story and how she ended up in Dublin, Texas at Green Valley Ranch as part of our GVR longhorns Texas longhorn cattle herd.

We first saw Blackie Bloo  in Kansas at the END OF TRAIL TOTAL DISPERSAL SALE in June 2018.


Blackie Bloo is the heifer in front of a brindle heifer Sweet Pepper. By the end of the auction we had purchased both.


Blackie Bloo, however, was not the reason why we went to the sale.

We were excited to go to the sale at the Winfield Livestock Auction in Winfield, KS. The Bowman’s of End of Trail Ranch had made impressive purchases over the years and we were eager to see their herd in person and perhaps have the opportunity to take home a piece of the legacy they have embedded in the Texas longhorn Industry.



Before the sale began, we headed for the stalls. From pictures featured in the Sale Brochure there were a number of Texas longhorn cows we wanted to look at more closely.

We were not disappointed. Many of the Texas longhorn cows that we saw were even more beautiful than their pictures. We like big bodied longhorn cows with  classic longhorn shaped horns and many of the longhorn cows for sale had beautiful horn sweeps and exceeded our expectations..

Many longhorn cows on our list fulfilled our criteria. One longhorn cow in particular bedazzled us.

She came to us, stuck her tongue through the fencing and let us scratch her nose.Then, when we decided to move on she mooed and followed us down the line of her fence. When we turned in the opposite direction she followed us again.  Her name –  Rustle up a star. She seemed so calm.  Whilst many of the other longhorn cows were edgy, understandably so, this beautiful animal was as friendly as ever. As you can imagine, this longhorn cow had won our hearts and we really wanted to take her home.

This is Rustle up a Star – Blackie Bloo’s mom


We bid on Rustle up a Star. Unfortunately, we were not the only buyers who wanted her. Her price tag went higher and higher. We had decided we would take her home at all costs but as the bids accelerated we froze. She sold for more than most others in her category. We lost out!

Needless to say, we were disappointed and disheartened. Her price tag was high and we know how hard it is to recover excessive expenses in the Texas longhorn industry without passing them on to our customers.

It’s no secret that auction prices fluctuate in any sector of the market are often determined by extenuating circumstances like,

  • who is in attendance
  • how well an auction is supported
  • what overall quality is for sale
  • emotions
  • the industry
  • economics in general

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Rustle up a Star’s daughter was for sale too. We had glanced at her but not for long. After all, her mom’s personality had won our hearts and this little girl seemed reserved and shy.

We were aware that a calf was for sale with the same genetics. Lot 25: SNIPERS STAR EOT Sire: SNIPER x Dam: RUSTLE UP A STAR


It’s funny how things work out sometimes. Sniper’s Star EOT came into the salebarn ring. She was very little at the time. She looked scared and withdrawn and to our delight she generated little interest. We bought her there and then.

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.”

– Albert Einstein

It is true that no one can predict exactly how a young heifer will mature. However, when you research the genetic makeup, you have an idea of influences that may determine a longhorns development.  Blackie Bloo’s  purchase was a fraction of the price we had originally intended to spend on her mom. If you think of it, any purchase of any live animal is in fact a gamble and we had far less to lose.

You may have a black labrador, we have Blackie Bloo – our very special Texas longhorn cow


As it turns out, Blackie Bloo is the most gentle Texas longhorn cow that we have ever owned. She is inherently docile. She lives in the pastures yet without hesitation will run to be with us. She was never trained to be handled yet loves our touch. She is exceptional in that I can sit on her and  lean on her.  Anyone can brush her all over and no matter what fly or itch may distract her, she remains still. Very little stresses Blackie Bloo. She does not mind to be confined, restrained or even sprayed in the open. We love her like we have loved our pet dogs.


Disclaimer:- NOTE TO ALL – no matter how much Blackie Bloo has set herself aside from any of our other gentle Texas longhorns, we respect that she is a big strong animal with big heavy horns that can cause damage and always remain alert in her presence.

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Our Texas longhorn cattle are very intelligent. They are happy in a consistent routine and adaptable to change. If you enjoyed this post, you may enjoy reading some other distinguishing characteristics that set this breed apart from many others.

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Disclaimer: All material noted above is based on our hands- on experience as ranchers, as well as our observations of our own cattle over the years. We have done and continue to do extensive research in order to maintain our herd‘s optimum health. However, all opinions and statements made on our website are meant as guidelines only. We are not qualified statisticians/ veterinarians and urge you to consult a specialist with your concerns. Content of this blog belongs to GVR Longhorns LLC and may not be copied in any form. ©GVRlonghorns.com All rights reserved.

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