Texas longhorn cattle for sale in Texas

Texas Longhorn Cattle – the sensible Solootion to Ag Exemption

A few Texas Longhorn cattle may be all you need to meet the requirements for an Ag Exemption and the benefits that the Texas Tax code offers.

This BLOG is specific to Texas landowners! However, your State may have a similar Tax Code



Owning acreage is a popular dream. If you are lucky enough to live this dream, it is often all that you thought it would be, except the part where you pay your property tax!



1. As you may know, some land in Texas qualifies for special methods of valuation that in turn constitute tax deductions.



2. Even if you are not a full time farmer and your primary income is not a result of your agricultural efforts, your rural land may qualify to be assessed using an “Open-Space Appraisal“ method.


3. Because Open Space Appraisals aim to promote the preservation of open land in Texas, the terminology to qualify revolves around Agricultural Use .


4. The definition of Agricultural Use includes Raising or keeping LIVESTOCK. It is our opinion that Raising Longhorns is not only one of the easiest options in this regard, but it’s rewarding too.


5. Although there are different acreage requirements between counties, there are specific State requirements that your land must fulfill to qualify. Some of these are:

a) land must currently be devoted principally to agricultural use.

b) it must have been devoted principally to agricultural use for 5 of the last 7 years,

c) this land must be used to the degree of intensity generally accepted in your surrounding area.

d) As the owner, you must file an application with the Chief Appraisal office before May 1.


If you own acreage and you don’t own Longhorn cattle YET, consider discussing the benefits with your accountant. Visit our Website for more information regarding the ease of keeping and raising these magnificent longhorn animals.

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