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5 Traits a Texas Longhorn Should Have to be a Member of Our Herd

Calamity Louise will be 20 years old. This is difficult to comprehend for a number of reasons including how old our dear longhorn cow is, how times flies when we’re…

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4 Reasons Why Halloween is Not Our Most Favorite Holiday

Halloween is not necessarily everybody’s favorite holiday at Green Valley Ranch. Here are 4 reasons why, and a 5th reason that saves the day!! For a Treat, visit our SALEBARN…

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Agricultural Tax Exemptions in Texas: Longhorns

A few Texas Longhorn cattle may be all you need to meet the requirements for Agricultural Use Exemption in Texas and the sizable benefits that the Texas Tax code offers….

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From a Cow’s Eye View… 6 Things to LOOK OUT For

Most people correctly assume that cows see things differently to humans. After all, their eyes are on each side of their head. But, have you ever considered putting yourself in…

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11 Habits of Our Texas Longhorn Cattle: Highlighting Advantages

We love Texas Longhorns. We have had our Texas Longhorn cattle for over a decade. Our experience with them has endeared us even more to their unique and quirky personalities…

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17 Fun Facts: The Texas Longhorn Cattle Breed and Its history

Like all awesome stories, the history of the Texas Longhorn Cattle Breed has many twists and turns. A quick computer search will reveal tons of information. However, here are 17…

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10 Reasons to Want Texas Longhorn Cattle

Whether you are considering a livestock purchase or simply intrigued by the beauty and historical heritage of Texas Longhorns, here are 10 interesting facts about Texas Longhorn Cattle you may…

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An Intro… But, Before You Turn the Page…

Diana Ross sang……..   Do you know where you are going to? Do you like the things that life is showing you? (Lyrics to the theme song of Mahogany- written…

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