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What Does a Longhorn Have in Common With Fish in a Fish Tank?

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Not much – if you focus on the obvious.

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We all know that Texas Longhorns wont fit on a living room mantle like a gold fish bowl will and certainly won’t rest on an accent table without causing major injuries damage.

But if you can think beyond the physical attributes, you may be surprised at the similarities.


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Fresh water fish are the most common pet in the US- out ranking longhorns by far.

** There are over 171 million pet fish swimming in homes around the US. **


Pet fish owners prefer owning fish because their upkeep is simple and fun.

Naturally, city dwellers, and those of you living in the suburbs, will not have the option to choose a longhorn as a pet- even in Texas!

However, if you are lucky enough to own any portion of agricultural land choosing a Texas Longhorn cattle over a goldfish deserves consideration.


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High Caliber- loves to have his nose scratched and be hand fed. Hold that thought when next you sprinkle food over your fish tank!


Not only are Texas Longhorns simple to care for compared with other bovine species, but you would be surprised at how much fun they can be.


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Our faithful farm soopervisor



In general, all pets offer their owners endless happiness. Watching fish is a stress release for many. Even more so are cats and dogs who frequently take their roll as a member of their adopted family very seriously.

Similarly having a longhorn pet can be very rewarding. Texas Longhorns are inquisitive. In general, they like to be around people as much as we like being in contact with them. They have there own unique personalities. They can be affectionate, endearing and always offer endless entertainment.

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Our darlin’ BLACKIE BLOO – her real name is Snipers Star but we think Blackie suites her better, don’t you?


Another reason why fish top the rankings as popular pets is that their fish tank, and even a fish bowl is a decorative feature in a home.

A happy herd of Texas Longhorn cattle is a pleasing sight
A happy herd of Texas Longhorn cattle is a pleasing sight


Personally, I love seeing all types of cattle grazing in a field. BUT wouldn’t you agree that Texas longhorn cattle with good genetics to grow twirly horns make the perfect Pasture decoration, no matter how big or small a field is.

Schedule your visit today to Green Valley Ranch to view our herd of Texas Longhorns with a prospect of owning your own or visit our website for more details.

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