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A New Year’s Resolootion – With Texas Longhorn Cattle

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Good riddance to 2020 and Happy New year for 2021

Statistics indicate that around 50% of adult Americans make a New Year’s resolution but only 10% will see it through long term.

It’s also not surprising that we want a positive change from last year and that the primary focus for betterment involves health and self-improvement.

There is no doubt that the idea of country living suggests, by its very nature, this type of positive change and we make no secret of how fulfilling living with Longhorns can be.

If you are currently considering a change of lifestyle that includes longhorns, or if you are working to make your dream a reality down the road, you are not alone. Last year our sales spiked significantly.Although we cannot showcase everybody that is now grazing in their very own pastures, we would like to highlight a few Texas longhorns in some favorite photos captured throughout the past year – 2020.

1. A Starter Herd.

To start the ball rolling, two cows, two heifers and a steer now reside with a young couple. The purchase of their starter herd coincided with the birth of their first child. They are an example of perseverance as they approached us 6 months before with a request to purchase cattle. Relocations, Texas weather and their own life events made it necessary for them to delay their plans but they were determined and made it happen.



2. An Important Job

Tino and Cleo were purchased by a cutting horse rider and trainer for a cattle ranch in Texas to help “sort” cattle.



3. Agricultural Exemption

Ruger and Gunner are a pair of steers with two very different personalities. Their parents made a recent move to a home with acreage within Erath County. Although their purchase was a necessary one for tax purposes, their new ‘mom’ is a cow whisperer in her own right and both boys are doing well in their new pasture.



Guadelupe, Luke and Pepper are the last of our babies to leave us at Green Valley Ranch this year. These Texas longhorn steers still live close by and on our route to town. The boys graze a pasture that surrounds a new construction and a gorgeous homestead just outside of Stephenville, Texas. We are thrilled twice over! Not only are the boys together at a great home, but we will also get to see them grow.


4. Genetics

GVR Swallowtail’s Bo Peep is a beautiful name for an extraordinary heifer. Her new family drove 3 1/2 hours to pick her up. After a lot of research Bo Peep was pinpointed by her diligent mom as a necessary addition to their longhorn starter herd. New to Longhorns but not to show animals we could not be happier with this special placement – from our first communications we knew this would be a match made in heaven.


5. Awareness

CV’s Pride is now part of the Dallas ISD. He has a role in steering inner city kids to an understanding of farming, ranching and country life.



6. The Moo’s Brothers, in Texas

We recently delivered Jake and Elwood to Weatherford, Texas. Although we had earmarked both these boys to stay with us we could not be more pleased with how fate has ‘steered’ their destiny. These two Texas longhorn steers now belong to a young power couple who, like so many of us, love the idea of Texas longhorns and the connection they have to Texas. They have an ongoing commitment to their community as they are both active members of the Police Force. They have also made a life long commitment to each other and will be married soon. They purchased their dream home on a beautiful piece of land in Weatherford, Texas.



Not that they needed to but they showed us their loyalty to their longhorns and their determination to be perfect parents the other day when they constructed a permanent shelter for their babies. Rather than delay the arrival of their two Longhorn steers, the Moo’s Brothers, when the weather turned nasty, this couple build the sturdiest shelter from scratch within a day!



Every Texas longhorn is unique making every purchase meaningful in a special way


7. Leading a longhorn herd


M Arrow High Caliber, a direct descendent of Top Caliber, who sired our herd for the past three years has been moo-ved to Missouri.


Caleb enhanced our herd beyond our expectations. His solid stature and his gentle demeanor are a winning combination. His dazzling Red Roan coloration passes through his progeny making every calf he produced impressive without exception. His duty in our pastures is fulfilled for now and we are thrilled to have sold him to his new family in Missouri. We have kept a number of his heifers and we have high expectations for this year’s calving season, which will be the last of Caleb’s efforts at GVRlonghorns. Following the practices of good herd management, our search continues for different genetics to Caleb but of the same high caliber parameters.


None the less, all our cows are pregnant, having been sired by Caleb before he left.. As calves are born we will post them to our website so make sure to stay tuned or add your name to our Prospective Owner List and be the first to see our new arrivals.


M Arrow High Caliber did not go to Missouri alone. He was accompanied by two heifers. The first heifer was sired by him in 2018, the second in 2020.



We have a number of exciting plans for 2021. Follow us and subscribe at GVRlonghorns.com and stay up to date with the latest NOO’s.

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what feels like the end is only the beginning………






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