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The Secret Behind the Popularity of Texas Longhorn Cattle

There are however two distinctive qualities that we feel deserve more emphasis. Both qualities are inherently genetic to the Texas longhorn breed. They set the breed apart in terms of our…

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15 Awesome Reasons Why Ranchers Raise Texas Longhorn Cattle

Why raise Texas longhorn cattle in Texas…….. If you think their horns are a hinderance you may want to read on…   Although you probably would not expect this, it…

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Featured Feathers Around the Farm – Texas Birds

If you are a  supporter of this Texas Longhorn Farm Blog, there is no need to dwell on how much pleasure our family gets from our Texas longhorn cattle at Green Valley Ranch….

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Farm Life Can be Perfect but Sometimes It Just Ain’t

Something personal for a change……. (looking for a Texas longhorn?……. click here)   A few weeks ago Paul rolled the Polaris( 4×4).  That in itself is a long story which I…

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Texas Longhorn Cattle Cost HOW MUCH?

For our research purposes, we tracked five Texas longhorn cattle auctions that have taken place this year  (2020). We want to know how much Texas longhorn cattle cost at Auction….

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6 tips | BEFORE you bring your Texas longhorn calf home

Whether you are a hobby farmer, homesteader or rancher in Texas, here are 6 ranching tips to help you prepare before you bring your Texas longhorn calf home. **UPDATED** 16…

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Are Texas Longhorn Cattle Dangerous?

Our most recent blog post on the subject, Are Texas Longhorns dangerous?……..READ HERE   A real farm story…     Texas longhorn cattle have a reputation of being fierce and…

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The Indian Paintbrush | A Legend Retold and a Legendary Man

The Indian Paintbrush is an unusual flower, abundant in our longhorn cattle pastures this time of the year.  As we are in unusual times, our focus on Texas longhorn cattle…

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Where is the Value in Texas Longhorn Cattle? 5 Considerations…

  Is there value in Longhorn Cattle? This is not a great time for the Stock Market as it continues to tumble. And, whether you believe the reason is related…

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Immune to a Disease Which Played a Role in Depleting a Breed, HOW?

    You would think that immunity to disease is a good thing, right? And if you have read some of my previous blog posts you will know that Texas…

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