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Tecovas, TLBAA and a Texas longhorn steer: triple TTT

Texas Longhorn Steer

TTT – Tecovas mural, TLBAA and a Texas longhorn steer named Maxie.


In the Texas longhorn cattle industry, TTT is a reference to a measurement of horns from Tip To Tip. It’s a fairly modern practice introducing a trend, not unlike  genetic engineering, to produce cattle with flatter wider horns.  As a breeder in the industry, we have to admit that some of the modern horn spreads are quite beautiful.


Nonetheless, a deep curl and twist on a Texas longhorn remains nostalgically appealing, especially on a longhorn steer.

But don’t take our word for it…


While we are partial to each one of our Texas longhorn cattle, apparently others are too.

Out of the 1000’s of Texas longhorns displayed on the internet, a photo of our longhorn steer Maxie stood out to none other than the trendy Western Retail Company, Tecovas.



A few months ago, we received an email from Tecovas, seeking permission to reference our photo of our longhorn steer in a mural in one of their 30 stores, specifically, their new store in North Park. Dallas. Fast forward a few months, and this is the result…..


This photo of the mural in place in the new Tecovas store in Dallas was taken by Justin Clemons, courtesy of NorthPark Center

It sure is awesome to have our Texas longhorn steer Maxie as the subject of a mural. In fact, we are honored.  The Tecovas mural is a prominent part of the decor in the new Tecovas store. And after all , Tecovas is an awesome Company.



What’s more, having Maxie feature on the cover of the  September 2023 Texas Trails magazine is an added bonus.


If you haven’t already, check out the article inside the magazine too. If you are not a member of the TLBAA, you can follow this link to the online version of the magazine. The article of our longhorn steer Maxie titled, “ Maxie the Movie Star”,  is on page 44. Read it here

We think Myra Basham the Editor-in-Chief of the Texas Longhorn Trails magazine did a wonderful job of recownting  this story. Moreover, we are so grateful for the incloosion. If you are in agreement that Maxie deserves the spotlight, let us know in the comments below.

We love receiving your supportive comments. Please don’t be shy!!


Maxie – our Texas Longhorn Steer

Maxie is certainly enjoying the spotlight as a subject of the mural in the NorthPark Center Tecovas Store and on the cover of the TLBAA Texas Trails magazine. However, Maxie is no stranger to the limelight. Without a doubt, Maxie has always been a center of attention at GVR longhorns.  Although we will never admit it if you ask us again, he may be considered as one of our many all time favorites.

Here are a few pictures of Maxie over the years.

Maxie in 2016. From a little thing Maxie took to following us around.


From the get go, Maxie loved spending time with us as much as we loved spending time with him.




By the time we were living at Green Valley Ranch on a permanent basis, our Black Labrador, Abigail was no longer with us. It’s as if Maxie knew that it was a hard loss for us. He would follow us around the ranch at every opportunity, just like a loyal lab.


Texas longhorn steer

Maxie and me in November, 2018


longhorn-steer-in tecovas-mural



This is the photo we took of Maxie. Our photo was referenced for the design of the mural in the new Tecovas store in Dallas


Have you seen the mural in the Tecovas store in NorthPark Center? We would be interested to know what you think of it?

Please let us know how you feel about this post in the comments below or email us directly and if you enjoyed reading this article, please consider sharing it.

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  1. Maxie is a star! I can’t wait to visit the store at North Park. Congratulations to the GVR team and especially the awesome photographer who took the original photo.

    1. So appreciate your comment Alisa. It sure is awesome to know that Maxie is a “star” and even more so to have my photos acknowledged as worthy to a retail store like Tecovas

  2. Oh Maxie Moo!!! I do LOVE you! What an honor (well deserved, I might say) for both that gentle giant and for all of you at the GVR. Let’s hope fame doesn’t go to his head! Congratulations. The painting is simply gorgeous, and I will be sure to visit the next time I make the trip from CC to Dallas!

  3. So exciting! I don’t usually like to brave the Dallas traffic, but I think it might be worth the drive to see Maxie’s mural.

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