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Texas Gifts for the Holidays: Not Just a Longhorn

Longhorn Cattle Print

Texas longhorn cattle gifts and prints – 2023

… surprisingly iconic Texas gifts for the Holidays.

Still shopping for the Holidays?

The older we get, the shorter the years seem to be. Isn’t is funny, how the days bundle into months and the months are blurred into seasons, all passing by in an instant. We blink and its Christmas again.

As far as our Texas longhorns are concerned, the seasons were harsh but not without highlights. In fact, our herd flourished this year. Our herd sire, Texas Rebel continues to impress, particularly adding spectacular color, the sturdiest of compositions and phenomenal horn growth, not just lateral but with pretty twist.  Our cowmoonity has grown and our sales were the highest ever this year. We will focus on our sales in next month’s blog.

For now, as has been our annual tradition since publishing Texas longhorn prints, here are a number of new published prints, all available at Cathy Valle Art

Subsequently, these longhorn prints capture a few of the highlights of our herd at GVRlonghorns throughout 2023.

Iconic Texas gifts

Here’s a sneak peak,

If you are on the look out for something iconically TEXAS but not quite a full blown Texas longhorn, you may be surprised as to what is on offer. Unique gifts include prints, jigsaw puzzles, ornaments, gift cards and note books. Samples of longhorn herd highlights and our latest photographic images are showcased below.



Keep an eye out for our giveaway this month. We will be publishing the details soon on Facebook and Instagram and offering the chance to win an item from our page at Cathy Valle Art

As always, we welcome you to visit our SALEBARN for Texas longhorn cattle for sale in Texas. Further, we are in the process of updating our website for 2024. If you are in the market for a Texas longhorn and don’t see what you are looking for on our website, contact us directly for more info on what we have to offer.











Texas-longhorn- print



























Texas-longhorn-cow print











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