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Texas Longhorn Calendar 2024

Texas longhorn cattle calendar

GVRlonghorns Texas longhorn calendar for 2024, WOULD YOU LIKE ONE?

Here is an exclusive on of our choice of photographs in our Texas longhorn calendar 2024.  All taken in 2023, the photography is a culmination of a great year, with hope for an even better 2024.

Our Texas longhorn calendar – 2024 is available in limited supply for $24.99 + shipping.

(As a side note, text explanations in this blog are not included in our calendar. Our calendar is a photographic calendar.)

To purchase our calendar, simply contact us directly for your own copy.

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Here is the GVRlonghorns Texas longhorn calendar – 2024



Hay that has fallen is uneconomical but it still has its merits. Consequently, Boujee took full advantage of the warmth and coziness that the hay on the ground provided.

In the same vain, here’s to finding those  “hidden treasures” in 2024.




We were lucky enough to witness the miracle of birth when Snowflake literally dropped her heifer calf Crystal in front of us in the middle of our irrigated pasture. In addition, as if that was not enough, we were fortunate to record  the endearing moments that followed. Even though Snowflake may be a big bodied cow, she is as gentle as ever with her new born calf. Luckily, we got to watch her as she used her nose to encourage baby to stand by nudging her softly. This photo captures the moments after birth.

Let’s hope for a 2024  filled with fortune for us all.



Baines was the first baby to be born in our last calving season. Undoubtedly, his mom LBJ, just like her mother, Kristi, is exceptionally attentive and Baines spent most of his first weeks by her side under the span of her horns.

Accordingly, may the support we all need to flourish with confidence, be abundant.




Love is reciprocal as Rebel’s Princess illustrates in this photo with her mom Princess Lea.

All in all, a year filled with love is what we all desire.



Looking at the world from a different point of view is often what it takes to steer ones mind and actions in the right direction, Here is Summer Star on top of the world.

Likewise, may we all prosper with  foresight and a heightened perspective in 2024. 



Leaving a positive imprint on the world is a goal worth striving for. As was the case with Sterling. For instance, every photograph of her illustrates her iconic stature.  Sadly, we lost Sterling in 2023, just 5 weeks shy of her 20th birthday. Without a doubt we will miss her presence forever. Nonetheless her legacy lives on.

Here’s to us finding opportunities to leave our mark and  essentially creating positive changes in our lives and the lives of others, for a better future.

longhorn-calves -for-sale


In the last two years our longhorn calves have exceeded our expectations. In sum, RJF Texas Rebel has added color, composition and lateral horn growth to our herd. Yet, each calf is different from the other with unique characteristics. Visit our Salebarn for more information

In 2024, let’s strive, therefore,  to embrace our own uniqueness and the differences others bring into our world. 



Dusty at the water’s edge was a special sight to see. Thinking back, it was a hot day and water was still. Above all, the contrasts were beautiful and the reflections were breathtaking. As a result, we took time, just sitting, watching and enjoying the scene.

 In essence, make time this year for reflection. Let’s drink to that!!



Primrose, Pepper Dew and Anastasia are great friends. Certainly, positive friendships, networking and a sense of community adds dimension to life.

For the same reasons, we wish y’all a 2024  filled with constructive relationships that add spice to life. Without a doubt, we sure have enjoyed being part of our ever growing cowmoonity.  Moreover, we are immensely grateful for the support we have experienced and  look forward to what the new year has to offer!!



Longhorns feed by grazing grass. As an added alternative, they extend their menu and browse vegetation. As an example, Lady Godiva stretches to reach some oak leaves on the branches above her. Similarly, reaching beyond the limits of our comfort zone enables new opportunities where the sky is the limit.

Similarly, we hope that 2024 provides a plethora of opportunities for all of us.



Jasmine Blossom is magical as she walks through the mist. Indeed, this day was like a dream, as we watched the cloud of fog lift off the ground.

In short, a year filled with dreams that come true has to be a good year! 




DECEMBER – RJF Texas Rebel, our Texas longhorn herd sire.

To sum it up, he is young! Nonetheless, he is bold, beautiful and making a positive impact on our Texas longhorn herd. In brief, this is RJF Texas Rebel. Incidentally, pictures do not do him justice. 

Accordingly, here is an invitation to come meet our longhorn herd and herd sire in the flesh with a goal of owning your own Texas Longhorn cattle.


Or, at the very least, stay in touch in 2024.

To sum it up, we appreciate you. We love your comments, questions and feedback. Above all, it’s what motivates us and strives us to continue.

Cheers to y’all for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2024

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  1. January !! It’s my birthday month but also symbolic for new year new life. It’s an emergence . They’re all great though I love every month !

  2. September! The girls look like they are planning a bit of mischief! No…Wait…August is so peaceful…no…September…They are all beautiful for sure. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. All the best to you and yours in the New Year!

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