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Texas longhorn cattle sold at GVRlonghorns: 2023

colorful longhorn steer sold at gvrlonghorns

Even though we are off to a good start and well into 2024, our momentum is not without gratitude to all who supported our program through the last 12 months. Overall, 2023 was a great year for us at GVRlonghorns that started off with a season of beautiful calves. We met wonderful fellow longhorn lovers and extended our cowmoonity. In addition, we had some really great sales. So, here are some highlights of our sales of Texas longhorn cattle sold in 2023

Many of our newly acquired longhorn friends have graciously shared photos of their Texas longhorn family members in their own pastures and we thank them all.

So, sit back, take a few minutes and enjoy this sneak peak into our sales activity over the last year.

 Texas longhorn cattle sold in 2023


  • 1 – Our first sale of the year – a Texas longhorn heifer

We named her Amooletta as her mother is Guadelupe’s Charm.

Her new family call her Texas Belle and suggested she is the cow version of a golden retriever. We love to hear that. Thank you Marc L.


Texas longhorn heifer sold in 2023
We took this photo in February of 2023, just after she turned 6 months of age and just before she was picked up for her ride home. 

  • 2 – Kitty – a colorful longhorn heifer


longhorn cattle sold
This photo is one of many we took of Kitty before she left us. She has the colors of a dream coat.

Kitty is a special girl. Ever since we can remember, she loved attention and in fact featured on our Christmas card in 2022. What’s more, she was a favorite to all our visitors who had the fortune to meet her, brush and fuss on her. She left us as a bred heifer and has since had a calf, just as colorful as her. Presently, she lives in Louisianna. Thank you Seymore, for collecting her from so far away, for taking care of her and for sending us photos.


longhorn cattle sold
Kitty’s calf, born in Louisiana

  • 3 – A Longhorn duo full of color

Moonpie was one of only 6 steer calves born here in 2022. (Without a doubt, we had a good run on heifers that year!)  All had beautiful coloring. Moonpie’s coat is however, extraordinarily striking.  He was born 8/13/2022. We took this photo in January 2023, just a little while before Moonpie left us.

Texas longhorn steer sold

Glory of Texas was purchased together with Moonpie. Both reside close to the coast, south east of San Antonio. Thank you Clayton J.  for not only supporting GVRlonghorns but for making the 9 hour round trip to fetch your Texas longhorn calves.

longhorn cattle sold from gvrlonghorns
Glory of Texas

  •  4 – Two pairs of longhorn steers

Our 2023 Calving season brought in 8 bull calves and we steered them all. While Baines was the first to be born in 2023, Picasso was born a month later. Presently, they live together on a beautiful family homestead in Weatherford together with a host of feathered friends.

texas longhorn steer from gvrlonghorns
Baines and Picasso
Texas longhorn cattle sold in 2023

One thing we love about longhorns is the uniqueness of their appearance and their character.

Interestingly, Baines and Picasso’s family wrote, ” Their personalities couldn’t be more opposite lol, they play together all the time, are incredibly attentive and come when they are called (even without treats!) They soak up all the attention they get. They are both just the best boys though and we adore them!!”

Thank you to the Brown family. We love your comments. Thank you for the awesome pictures too.


The Wells family also sent us beautiful pictures.  As you no doubt can see from the pictures below, their longhorn boys Willie and Nelson are also quite different in appearance. Their personalities are different too.

This family is awe inspiring. They have 4 young children, all boys, whom they manage effortlessly. Moreover, we are thrilled that the Wells family have embraced two more boys,  Willie and Nelson into their family. We know these boys are the luckiest! We just love these photos and especially the middle one complete with a GVR longhorns cap. Do you see it?

cowboy boots

longhorn cattle sold from gvrlonghorns

longhorn steers from gvrlonghorns
Willie and Nelson

  • 5 – Diva Dolly

Dolly Parton was named and purchased by her loving dad Kenneth M. Kenneth is a return customer who has built the most enchanting ranch full of adorable furry friends. We love Kenneth and all the work he has done to make Dolly feel comfortable at home. Above all, he has a ranch to be proud of. Thank you Kenneth for keeping us in the loop and for the gorgeous photos.

The photos below are of Dolly Parton at her home and feature one of Kenneth’s two labs, General Stonewall Jackson.

longhorn heifer calf

longhorn sold from gvrlonghorns
Dolly Parton


  • 6 – Nirvana’s Jewel was the first cow in our group of Texas longhorn cattle sold in 2023

One of our favorite photos of 2022 was of Nirvana’s Jewel with her heifer calf that year. Thank you Colton K. for your purchase of Jewels. She is a pure joy, sweet cow.  We certainly miss her.

longhorn cattle sold
Nirvana’s Jewel


  • 7 – A longhorn heifer trio

Thank you to Mitchell K. for his purchase of GVR Swallow Feather, GVR Texas Belle and GVR Rebel’s Princess. We are so inspired by your commitment to work hard and your ambition to build your own herd at such a young age. (Mitchell is our youngest customer and our only customer still at school.) Congratulations on all you have achieved so far. We know first hand that hard work pays off in time. Moreover, we are so proud of you. Once again, thank you for your support and the photo updates of your  beautiful girls.

longhorn heifer sold
GVR Rebel’s Princess
longhorn heifer
GVR Texas Belle
longhorn heifer
GVR Swallow Feather

  • 8 – A longhorn steer trio

These boys had a 4.5 hour drive to their gorgeous new home in George West, Texas. David S. is their new ‘dad’ and he told us of the interesting history of the town. George West has a historic connection to Texas longhorns. In addition, J. Frank Dobie, the folklorist and author of  “The Longhorns” (1941) was also born close by in Live Oak County.

David, together with his family named his boys Merle, Hank and Waylon. He took the photo below of his 3 new boys and his son Ryan. The boys look quite at home with each other even though the longhorns have been ‘home’ for less than two months.

Again, it’s not hard to tell these boys apart in appearance. According to David, they are just as unique in their personalities too.



Incidentally, Merle is one of our most colorful calves born in 2023. For those that have been following our posts and have asked, he did not get a mention in the colorful calf competition. We think he had all the credentials to win. Let us know what you think……


  • 9 – Alabama bound

Lisa and Joseph drove from Grand Bay, Alabama to pick up their longhorns and we are so glad that it was worth it for them. They had the longest drive of all. Not only are the longhorns happy in their forever pastures but their new parents love their new longhorn herd like they were hoping to and perhaps a little more.

Maybelline and her calf Crockett. Desert Moon and her calf Rosie.
Lisa with her girl Maybelline and ‘their’ baby Crockett.


This is Crockett. We also entered Crockett into the colorful calf competition. Isn’t he beautiful.
Thanks Lisa for sharing these beautiful photos as well as this one of you and your girl Desert Moon.

  • 10 – Halter training for longhorn cattle sold in 2023 – 2 separate sales but both happen to be heifers

Delta lives just outside of Houston about 4 hours drive from GVRlonghorns. She was purchased with the intention to halter train her. Her new mom Stephanie A. has done a great job training her. She is also fitting in with the other cows however she does not like chickens.

Halter trained longhorn

texas longhorn cattle sold

The other girl that has had a halter on her is Boujee. Boujee lives close to Weatherford with the cutest family on their ever evolving homestead and according to her mama Kaitlin P., Boujee has quite the personality. It sounds like she prefers scratches and rubs more than she does her halter at this point. Nonetheless, even at her young age, she attracts the attention of drivers passing by. Apparently Boujee is already a ‘head turner’ as people stop along the road to take photos. We are not surprised in the least that Boujee disrupts the traffic but let’s hope everyone on the road stays safe.

longhorn heifer

longhorn heifer sold at gvrlonghorns

  • 11 – A starter herd in Mason, Texas

Blair and Tom are two of the most organized people we have met lately. Although they have not owned longhorns before, they had done a fair amount of research and had an idea of what they were looking for in a Texas longhorn herd. They visited us for the first time in November when they were in the process of organizing and completing upgrades to their pastures.  They completed all their intended improvements which included amongst other things, a well pump, a solar panel, storage tank, water trough and cross fencing, most of which were completed within a week.

By mid December Blair and Tom were ready to receive their longhorn herd.

Blair and Tom were hoping to have a longhorn herd on their property by the end of the year to fulfill ag exemption requirements.  Working together, we all had two weeks to spare before the new year! Thank you to both of you for your purchase and for these beautiful photos of your Texas longhorn herd.

Thanks always to Ron Bailey for helping us get the job done in his usual manner –  safely, effortlessly and timeously.

longhorn cattle sold

longhorn cow sold

longhorn heifers sold

Texas longhorn cow sold in 2023

2023 is behind us and the New Year is off to a great start. Nonetheless, we always appreciate our customers and we love hearing from you and our longhorn cowmoonity. We appreciate updates, texts and comments more than you know and look forward to snapshots as the days progress into months and the months into years. It never gets old for us and we are forever grateful.

We hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into a few of our last year’s sales activities. If you would like to become a member of our cowmoonity, please consider subscribing to our blog at GVRlonghorns.com and/or visit our SALEBARN for a chance to own Texas longhorn cattle from our GVR longhorns herd.


Texas longhorn cattle sold at GVRlonghorns

All our Texas longhorn cattle sold are illegible for registration with TLBAA.

All our calves are quoted with prices that include vaccinations, deworming, registration with TLBAA, transfer of registration and castration(where applicable)

As a side note, our calves are usually weaned around 6 months of age. They spend anywhere from a week to three weeks in our corral

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Thank you for spending time with us,


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