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Texas Gifts for the Holidays: Not Just a Longhorn

Texas longhorn cattle gifts and prints – 2023 … surprisingly iconic Texas gifts for the Holidays. Still shopping for the Holidays? The older we get, the shorter the years seem…

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Texas Longhorn Cattle Hoof Trimming: A Guideline From Tip To Toe

In the Texas longhorn cattle industry wide horn measurements from Tip To Tip are so popular that we sometimes overlook other features. However, when it comes to the overall health…

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Tecovas Mural, TLBAA and a Texas Longhorn Steer: Triple TTT

TTT – Tecovas mural, TLBAA and a Texas longhorn steer named Maxie. TTT In the Texas longhorn cattle industry, TTT is a reference to a measurement of horns from Tip…

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Forage for Texas Longhorn Cattle During a Drought: 3 Challenges

3 Challenges with Forage for Texas Longhorn Cattle in Drought conditions in Texas.   The US Drought Monitor indicates that close to 80% of Texas is currently experiencing some level…

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Longhorn Cattle in Texas: 4 Essential Tips to Reduce Heat Stress

4 essential tips to reducing heat stress in Texas longhorn cattle in Texas by Cathy Valle Since Ancient Roman times the Dog Days of Summer, generally the period between July…

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Why Longhorns?

Why Longhorns? Why ranchers choose Texas Longhorns  – from our customers’ points of view…… by Cathy Valle In our third article in our series “Why Longhorn Cattle?” we spent time…

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GVR Longhorns: Have You Heard Our Extra Special news?

GVR Longhorns: have you heard our extra special news?   Visit our SALEBARN – CLICK HERE Seventeen years ago, As the story goes, at the age of 8 our son…

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Why Raise Texas Longhorn Cattle: A Rare True Life-Story

Why Raise Texas longhorn cattle? A rare true life-story. Why Raise Texas Longhorn Cattle? asked and answered in a rare true life-story that will make you think.. For your very…

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Texas Longhorn Calves: A Guide to Stress Management

Reducing stress for young Texas longhorn calves.  For Texas longhorn calves, one of the most stressful times must surely be at weaning. Babies are separated from their mothers. Mothers are…

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What is the Value of Texas Longhorn Cattle in 2023?

What is the value of Texas longhorn cattle and how much do they cost in 2023?   Wondering what the value of  Texas Longhorn cattle is?   ( CLICK HERE…

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