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“Winterizing” Your Texas Longhorn Cattle in Texas

We have longhorn cattle in Texas. There are many states much colder than Texas.  We know first hand as we lived in several North East states for longer than we…

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Why a Trip to Scotland Has a Place in our Longhorn Cattle Blog

Longhorn cows, Texas and and, and, and…Scotland? by CATHY VALLE Longhorn cattle in Texas – that’s what we blog about. So we totally get it! – when we add Scotland to…

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RJF Texas Rebel Herd Sire for GVR Longhorns

Have you herd? RJF Texas Rebel is our new herd sire. It’s been a while since our last Texas longhorn herd update. We’ve had a ton of exciting happenings to…

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Texas State Symbols: Texas Longhorn Cattle and a Whole Lot More

Texas longhorn cattle are one of over 70 Texas State Symbols that have been formally designated by the Texas Legislature. For example: THE LONE STAR STATE is the official Texas state nickname….

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Texas Longhorn Cattle Horns: A Simple Tip to Avoid a Common Mistake

How to avoid a common mistake with Texas longhorn cattle horns: ONE simple tip to twist your thinking, so to speak Longhorns are a dime a dozen these days- yes, long…

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An Easy Guide to Coloration of Texas longhorn Cattle

Did you know, color in Texas longhorn cattle is somewhat predictable? This last weekend at the Hudson Valentine Longhorn cattle Auction, LTL Sheza Outside Kat owned by Richard and Jean…

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Young Texas Longhorn Cattle: 5 Easy Tips to Wean Them Gently

How to wean your young Texas Longhorn Cattle gently: 5 easy tips to calm calves Weaning young Texas longhorn cattle is stressful. Wonder feeding her hungry calf Alice in Wonderland…

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How Do Texas Longhorns Compare With Other Cattle Breeds: 9 Factors

How do Texas longhorn cattle compare with other cattle breeds: 9 factors Ever wondered how Texas longhorn cattle compare with other cattle breeds in Texas? 1. If you are considering…

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Romance & Ruminating with Longhorn Cattle: 8 Inspiring Quotes

Romance and Ruminating with Longhorn Cattle It’s not often you will hear LOVE and LONGHORNS in the same sentence. WHY then would we venture into this ‘field’, so to speak,…

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100 Years of Texas History with Texas Longhorn Cattle in Texas

Can you imagine Texas history without Texas longhorn cattle??? There is no doubt that Texas longhorn cattle have assumed a quintessential roll in Texas history and remain a privileged and…

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